Nov 23

The “Owl” Was Pacing Us

A listener writes “I’ve put off sharing this for so long but I have a situation/encounter to tell you. I’ve always felt my encounter was not super important or definitive but after listening to your show for several months now I feel I must tell you as so many similarities between what I witnessed and what I hear on your show has concreted my thoughts of what had happened.

I am 21 years old now but this incident happened back when I was 16 years old with my friend Parker in the very northeast corner of Alabama where I lived up until about two years ago. I’ve been in the woods hunting and fishing my entire life; my favorite being duck hunting which was a shared passion with the aforementioned friend Parker. What we used to do every single weekend was meet up at parkers house, Parker’s family was an incredibly wealthy family owning many many acres of farmland and on the land we had a really nice cabin. It was super small but well insulated and the perfect place for a couple of us teen boys to go out and fumble around.

We had been camping in the cabin every weekend during duck season so that we could wake up and hike into one of the ponds on the property for the next mornings duck hunt. After nightfall we would almost always go out and walk the property talking about whatever teenage drama was happening and planning the hunt. We would also always have our shotguns with us and often shot rabbits that we would find along out walk with our spotlights. (I understand this is very unsportsmanlike and I am not proud of us hunting these rabbits in the way we did but we were just bored country teenagers) it was not uncommon for us to shoot 5 or 6 rabbits each night every single weekend and again, not that I’m proud of this I’m rather very ashamed but we would just leave the rabbits lying there in the name of “pest control” but regardless one night we started out our usual route, walk a fence line until it meets perpendicular to a creek, follow the creek until it meets another fence line which we then follow back to the central main barn area, then back through a cow pasture to the cabin. This particular night we had not seen any rabbits as we reached the creek which was odd but what was even more odd is that we had made the comment to each other that there sure were a lot of owls out that night because of all the hooting we were hearing. Another peculiar fact about the hooting is that it always seemed to be directly off to out left as if the “owl” was pacing us.

At the time I knew nothing of Sasquatch mimicking owls but Parker and I both noticed the abundance of hooting but also that we could not tell what kind of owl it was because of how odd the hooting sounded but we just wrote it off as there is a lot of owls out and that must be why there’s no rabbits out. The entire hike typically took us about an hour and a half or so with the creek section being the longest. After making it about three quarters of the way through the creek section, as the hooting continued, a decently large piece of old sheet metal came from the darkness hurling toward us but landed into the creek making a large splash. The sheet metal flying toward us was accompanied by what I can only describe as a snorting sound, as if the creature that threw it used alot of energy to throw it.

It didn’t come through the air like a frisbee but rather toppling end over end as if you flipped a coin which doesn’t make sense at all to me. This of course scared us beyond measure and we immediately ran as fast as we can in a straight line yo the main barn area due to the fact that as a crow flies it was out closest safe point as well as had electricity for lights and is much more structurally sound building. It’s not some average hay barn or anything like that it’s a very nice facility where they enclose their tractors and what not. As we ran back we finally made it to the barn and locked ourselves inside the office portion of the barn and called Parker’s dad in hysterics to come get us. Parker’s dad was always a no nonsense tough cowboy kind of person so when we tried to explain what happened he tried to brush it off and even accused of getting into drinking or drug use which although we were rowdy teenagers nothing of that sort had taken place. We did not go back to that cabin overnight ever again and we took a significant amount of time off of duck hunting which was incredibly out of character for the both of us.

A couple take aways I have from this is that we never heard it walking whatsoever not even when we ran. I do not think it followed us when we ran but it had to have been flanking us since we had heard all the hooting directly beside us but again, never heard a single footstep which blows my mind. Another weird thing is the nearest place it could’ve possibly gotten the old piece of sheet metal was from the scrap like behind the main barn which is incredibly out in the open of the pasture. I feel it is important to mention that the hooting always came from the wooded side of the creek rather than the pasture which is also where the throw came from. This is why I do not think it chased us. I didn’t hear it cross the creek nor do I think it stepped out into the pasture we ran through to chase us back. I think the creatures had habituated picking up the rabbits we would leave behind each and every weekend like clockwork and got angry when we had none for it on this trip, we had our spotlights with us but the way we would hunt the rabbits is just walk a decent distance then shine on the fence line/creek the opposite side of the fence/creek was super grown up with thorny bushes and briars which made for perfect rabbit hunting but terrible for visibility if we would’ve chose to shine the light into it (which we didn’t because we had written the noise off as a weird owl) Of course that’s just what I think but regardless a very scary experience that changed us both forever.”

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  1. m99

    Can’t wait for this one. I have had weird, loud, bothersome “owls” hooting over my head at night while sleeping in a loft. Now I wonder if bigfoot was messing around with me. I think so, but no way to prove it now. Anyway, looking forward to this interview. Thx.

  2. Colleen C

    I grew up in Alabama & am wondering if this happened anywhere near Double Springs, AL? Hoping the author of the email to Wes happens to see my question! Thank you for sharing!!

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