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Animal Intelligence

I want to thank Gabriel H for sending this to me. We talk a lot on the show about how intelligent Sasquatch seem to be and how witnesses have reported hearing them mimic different portions of speech. I thought the video below was one of the most amazing things I have seen along with one of the most disturbing. This is Alex the parrot. Alex (1976 – September 6, 2007) was an African Grey Parrot and the subject of a thirty-year (1977-2007) experiment by animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg, initially at the University of Arizona and later at Harvard and Brandeis University. Pepperberg bought Alex in a regular pet shop when he was about one year old. The name Alex is an acronym for Avian Learning EXperiment. His successor was Griffin.

Before Pepperberg’s work with Alex, it was widely believed in the scientific community that birds were not intelligent and could only use words by mimicking, but Alex’s accomplishments indicated that birds may be able to reason on a basic level and use words creatively. Pepperberg wrote that Alex’s intelligence was on a par with that of dolphins and great apes. She also reported that Alex had the intelligence of a five-year-old human and had not even reached his full potential by the time he died. She said that the bird had the emotional level of a human two-year-old at the time of his death.

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  1. Kent C

    I have personally observed similar indications of intelligence in parrots.

    Some years ago, I owned a Mexican Red-Head parrot (“Sherman”). The bird had a rather limited human vocabulary, but it was quite adept at duplicating other sounds.

    One of the sounds Sherman reproduced perfectly was the distinctive whistle my wife used to call the dog. (…A mixed breed shepherd-collie that was literally “as dumb as a box of rocks”.)

    I initially though little of this, reasoning that “this is just what parrots do”: ….Until I started watching the bird closely! The scenario went as follows:

    1) Sherman would start out sitting high on its perch, which was located on top of his cage, He would look around the room, and if the dog was not present, he would produce his copy of my wife’s whistle.

    2) The dog would come running into the room, looking around anxiously for my wife.

    3) Sherman would then walk slowly down the side of his cage until he was eye-level with the dog, and whistle again.

    4) The dog would then walk right up to Sherman, all the while looking very puzzled because this was OBVIOUSLY not my wife!

    5) Sherman would then stretch out towards the dog, and bite him on the nose.

    6) The dog would then yelp with pain, and run back into the kitchen.

    7) Sherman would then very leisurely climb back up to his perch on top of the cage.

    8) Thirty minutes later the whole sequence would repeat.

    Sherman the parrot very clearly understood that this one particular vocalization would call the dog!

  2. Pierre M

    My dog understands lanuage well. No he cant talk but he understands the words. Yes he has to be taught the words but so do we humans. Animals are very smart. But this was a pretty amazing video. The most amazing part to me was when he asked for water and could he go back lol. People look as animals as just dumb animals. But theyre actually very smart.

  3. Papa - Yeti

    The Birds that have a direct relationship with Sasquatch, and possibly dolmen, (although I am still not sure upon the later) are the Corvus Corax and the Corvus brachyrhynchos, it a interactive relationship, perhaps more, as the Sasquatch mimic very well, if they have cracked the crow caw and raven throated croak. Also a runner up as a bird perhaps not in throated learned communication, not as a learned vocal language, but rather a visual relationship, are the Cathartes aura smells the dead carcasses to include the road kill and leads the Sasquatch into the carcass. What I find rather I would find fascinating, is being crows study human faces and remember individuals for many years; would be if crows in fact study the faces and hair patterns as well as colors, of the individual Sasquatches.

    -I believe all the other song birds fear the Sasquatch presence. Miss Gabriel, The African Grey Parrot Alex is cute, but can he cook a delicious manicotti, clean and tune a four barrel Holly double pumper four barrel carburetor, can he mountain rally, can he drive it fast and hard, and negotiate the fine curves…

    • Gabriel H

      Papa – yes actually that was what they were working on when he died. “Industrial Accident” just jokes

      Oh and I’m not female. But hey, thanks for the compliment 😉

  4. Kent C

    “……The African Grey Parrot Alex is cute, but can he cook a delicious manicotti, clean and tune a four barrel Holly double pumper four barrel carburetor, can he mountain rally, can he drive it fast and hard, and negotiate the fine curves…”

    Well Papa, ……..I don’t know if African Greys can do any of that stuff; …..But I am absolutely certain that your average African Grey would do a better job as POTUS than any of the other choices we are currently being shown!

  5. Tedd

    Very cool video & I think most people who have spent enough time working closely with animals of any kind, tend to believe they are usually “smarter ” than most people would think. There is so much more involved with communication & learning than sounds we make and test we take but as we move away from our natural origins we lose the need for certain instincts or intuitions. It’s interesting how when some people have a half ton(?) Biped creature hidden & watching them that they feel it before they see anything. Good it still works in some cases I reakon!

  6. Gabriel H

    …and with this a toast to Alex – the astonishing grey parrot – “who” could not only comprehend much of what his human companion spoke, but also had the capacity to demonstrate to US, HIS pupils, that this was so.

    To Alex

  7. Gabriel H

    It’s funny you know… I showed this video to a few people (family included) who saw nothing of any import being presented… “Yeah a parrot that speaks… what’s so amazing about that…”

    Gabe – watch it again
    Anonymous – it’s a parrot that can talk… I’ve seen that a thou…
    Gabe – and again, and again, and again, until something else about it dawns upon you. Until that happens, I cannot have this conversation with you…

    How many times on this show have we heard that before regarding sasquatch hey everyone? Chris from NewJersey comes to mind for me – the fella that told his buddy they were “just going camping”
    Buddy – why’d you just knock on that tree?
    Chris – I dunno just to see what kind of trees are around I guess

    That was an awesome interview. Hey Chris if you’re out there… thank-you for bringing that forward. That was an amazing interview

  8. Tyler D

    We, as the human species, really like to think we were struck with some sort of enlightenment and intelligence that only we have received and it separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. With everyday that passes we learn more and more about other animals and their intelligence is quite remarkable if you think about it. They are intelligent in their own way that applies to their daily life scenarios, in other words they are masters of their crafts which takes a great deal of intelligence when they even exceed past their regular routines. Most every animal is intelligent in their own way. But you must keep in mind they didn’t learn in the same way we did with schools, homes, etc. We underestimated the capabilities of our animal brothers and sisters. And that know it all arrogance we constantly wear will be our down fall. We like to think everything on this earth is under our control instead of the other way around. But when we talk about the intelligence of sasquatch, that is an intelligence that far surpasses most of the animal kingdom and is probably an intelligence that is closer to our own. People are surprised when they put out these trail cams out in what they believe to be a hotspot for activity are surprised when they get virtually no evidence on their trail cams. Native American tribes don’t call these beings “The Watchers” for no reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was very little that can get past these being in their immediate general vacinity or in their backyard without them being aware of it happening. I’m sure in these groupings they probably have a century watching the surrounding area consistently more than likely for protection. That shows a great deal of intelligence to be able elude these things instead of goin to check them out out of pure curiosity. To be able to weigh the pros against the cons has to an intelligence very similar to our own

  9. Leah G

    How can I not post this?…..Bogey is the name of my African Grey – there is good reason they’re called companion parrots – who continues to amaze me and my family. Not only has he become our family historian, who mimics my son (today 23) who said “Love you, mom,” as a toddler before his voice dropped, but he does more than perfectly mimic or imitate language and random sounds.
    A few of my favorites: when I enter the house, he calls me by name and I reply “Hey Bogey.” When my Military Macaw begins vocalizing, he exclaims “Hush, Max!” in my husband’s voice. Last latest good one: Bogey’s roomy condo is not within eyesight of our back sliding glass door. When I slide the door open to let our cat Bryn inside, he says “Come-on in, big girl!”
    So far, the hefty evidence supports my belief that Sasquatch are more man than animal. Sasquatch have developed their own language; clearly very intelligent – so much so that they’ve been so good at remaining so elusive.

  10. Robert H

    All animals communicate thur telepathy and you also can you’ve just forgot how like many other things. Before your masters discovered how to control us thur radio and tv and the paper. The human race may of been a little more in touch with who we really are. More like a Sasquatch or any other animal. In stead were consumers so let’s party it’s beer thirty

  11. Gail d

    Just saw an interesting YouTube video of an interview of a Native American teenager who had an encounter with three Sasquatchs and her dog who apparently had a relationship with them.
    She seemed very believable. It’s called Daylight Close Encounter with Three Sasquatchs I believe it occurred on the reservation in New Mexico in the 4 Corners area. When you think you know animals they surprise you with capabilities you didn’t think they had.

    • Tyler D

      I saw that encounter video actually. That girls family seems to have constant ongoing activity with this certain group in Arizona I believe. They seem to be actually very non threatening and non aggressive towards this family. And one of the group an 8 footer seems to have built a relationship with their dog, leaves it bones and what not. Pretty interesting stuff actually

  12. Papa - Yeti


    This is a very, very interesting Documentary on Craw (Of which I claim no ownership of and I’m posting for educational reasons) When you are done watching this, I want to ask again, if Crows and Ravens can identify a Particular Sasquatch, and not only remember the Sasquatch but teach its baby crows to recognize the Sasquatch.

    That is what happens to humans in this very interesting video. Do deer as well have this ability?

  13. Papa - Yeti


    The Phonic muttering anomaly:
    TO be noted here: According to the Navajo – ‘Dine’ encounter of Alex – Harvey, the field observer leading the eight year filed and observation study, has observed a Particular Sasquatch female of the that particular Sasquatch tribe. Of which there were three a “12 foot tall male”, a “10 foot Male Sasquatch”, and the “8 foot Juvenile Sasquatch” all three were for the most part hidden in the shadows as they stood motionless within the trees, when Alex driving her Quadra 4×4 All – terrain – vehicle accompanied by her two dogs with her, Alex in noticing the three tall Sasquatches slowed her ATV and the two dogs ran out in front causing her to have to completely stop the ATV. Alex noticed the middle sized 10 foot male Sasquatches lips parted and a whistle was called out, her dog Zora, then answered by walking over to the Juvenile Sasquatch as the Juvenile Sasquatch knelled down and rubbed Zora the dog’s ears.

    -The Study Team over the seasons have taken notice that the tribe of which those three males belong to, have a “Nanny” she a female Sasquatch has been observed caring for and in the company of various Sasquatch children. And that she is the tribes Chosen one to ‘nanny’ as well as mate with various males (I have another strong theory pertaining to her being the ‘chosen female’,) she has been observed with three of her own male Sasquatch Cubs, as she has mated / procreated with another Male of the tribe. So it is the same with crows and humans, selection of a ‘Nanny’ but for humans not to mate with’. The Other theory of my own, is this, ‘Is Nanny ‘the chosen Female’ to care for the tribes young and juvenile sasquatches, because her births healthy Babies’? Here is why I ask this [The study has determined that the sasquatch are non- monogamous creature], which means as I stated the Males will mount and mate with other Females and or with ‘the chosen one / Nanny’. What problem I see in this non – monogamous tribe is this; in the captured voice recordings Presented upon Sasquatch Chronicles by Wes, we have heard some Sasquatch with a speech impediment. [‘which is noticeable even though we have no decrement or understanding of their Sasquatch spoken language’].

    -The reason for the impediment I here hypothesize, is One: the creatures ears are obstructed with a thick layer of hair covering over the ears – but if that was the case of the impediment, then would not all of the Sasquatch have the same speech impediments??? Yes! so hair covering is ruled out as not the reason. Next possible reason is Two: because of birth defect in the DNA sequence. Aka Retardation, which can either occur as the ‘Random – luck of the draw’; or because of inbreeding. Is the retardations of births because of the creatures not understanding that procreation at a later age because of older inadequate sperm and older formation? Or because of because of a high percentage of hearing loss? [Hearing loss due to ear infections, or perhaps ear damage due to excessively loud ‘Very high decibels produces in the creatures calls, yells and screams, or being for right in the same den or next to another creatures scream –outs, yells and calls?

    -If the later is why, them it would be the same type and high percentage of hearing damage. Let’s take the former IFBB Mr. America, Former Two consecutive Mr. Universe titles, Retired Professional Body builder Actor Lou whom is now a Fitness trainer/ consultant; Lou Ferrigno was as well deputized as a sworn in member of a Maricopa County, Arizona, Volunteer sheriff’s posse / member, in order to help control illegal immigration in the Phoenix Valley area.
    -The Just of it: Lou lost 80 percent of his hearing he believes as a very young boy due to multiple ear infections, in which his hearing loss was not properly medically detected and diagnosed until age of three. When a person losses such a high percentage of or total loss of hearing, this gradually changes your speech as you now the then the remembered / learned phonic sounds, you can no longer hear your own voice or others to keep you speak well tuned and sounding normal. It now sounds altered. And so these are my theories as to why we are hearing muttered or impaired sounding calls, and chatter in specific Sasquatch voice and call recording from the field. Let’s face it, their screams are extremely loud, and if standing next to a Sasquatch when the screams occur, we too would most likely have incurred hearing damage and if the hearing damage was high enough of percent, our own speech would eventually decline.

    -Source credits: Lou Ferrigno From Wikipedia, free encyclopedia.

    -Source credits: Phantoms & Monsters Pulse of the Paranormal / Lon Strickler. “Crypto Four Corners: Bigfoot Habitation & Close Encounter” – Jc Johnson; George Harvey and Navajo Elder Leonard Dan

    -Source credits: Jc Johnson and the four corners “Daylight, Close Encounter with Bigfoot (‘Furry Ones’) / Jc Johnson – Fortean Investigator & Adventurer / Arcane Radio

    -Crypto Four Corners can be contacted and are on Facebook.

    -I claim no ownership of Wikipedia : Lou Ferrigno information page. I claim no ownership of Jc Johnson or of the Crypto Four Corners: “Bigfoot Habitation & Close Encounter”

    -And I post this information for educational towards the better understanding and of Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Dogman.

    -Thanks to Wes, of Sasquatch Chronicles, and to Mr. Gabriel H for allowing me to insert this Informative post with out my asking to, as I have not figured out yet how to start my own post here at S.C./, pertaining to [Sasquatch Speech impediment and hypothesis for them reasons for them]

    And a huge thank you to an American Hero – Lou Ferrigno

  14. Matt f

    Interesting and intriguing hypothesis pap yeti,i enjoyed it,this kinda of thinking is what needs to be happening for us to learn more about these creatures.However the stumbling blocks of self acclaimed experts that force views causing tentions seem to divide constantly.Thats why I love this group because of all the forward,open minded researchers,ethusiast ect..

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