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Sighting by motorist in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Smoky Mountains National Park

In late spring of 1970 while traveling south between Gatlinburg, Tn and Cherokee, N.C. on Highway 441 somewhere near the state line in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We sighted a very tall hairy creature. We were cruising down the road wondering if we would see any bear and as we rounded a curve there was this creature coming from the right side of the road down grade from some small trees and bushes that still had leaves. It moved across the road directly in front of us and after entering the bushes on the left side of the road angled off the same direction we were traveling. We could still see it’s head for a few seconds before it disappeared. I would guess the height to be somewhere in the 7+ foot tall range. It had a very long stride and walked like a human swinging it’s long arms with it’s stride. It covered the distance of 100 ft or so in seconds.

It never looked at us, there were no noticeable features that stood out. It was tall, slender, smooth clean straight hair that covered the whole body and it’s head just seemed to come out of the body with no noticeable neck. We were flabbergasted at the sight of it and tried to convince ourselves it was a bear. But we knew it could not be because of the way it walked and it’s height, no nose protruded nor could we see any facial features as it never even looked at us nor showed any signs of us being there. We were cruising along probably around 45 MPH with almost no other traffic on the road that day. It happened so quickly that my wife never had time to pick up the camera in her lap and get a picture.

Additional Information:

YEAR: 1970
SEASON: Spring
MONTH: April
STATE: Tennessee
COUNTY: Sevier County

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    • Christopher c

      Ed,I would love to hear your story bro,if you have been on the show let me know what Ep: so I could hear it again ,if not on the show is there a BFRO report or something that you submitted that could be read ,I would love to hear it ,or read it even if I have heard it before I will listen again just so I can match the encounter with the name,thanks brother !

  1. toomuch

    Not yet. I’m only on pg 146 (Dennis Martin case). And all alone at salt fork state park with a full moon, and I’m freaking out. I think I heard something……

    • Dave T

      Hey too much, I don’t know how you can stay out there. It’s so scary out there right now. I’m not even talking about the squatches, they’re the least of your problems. The Mosquitos are so bad right now it’s hard to go near the woods let alone camp. I have to take a bath in deet just to do yard work. I’ve put my BF adventures on hold till them little vampires ease up. I just hate those little bastards. Good Luck, you’re a better man than me.

  2. JOHN E


  3. toomuch

    I survived the night. Nothing but a few coons sniffing around.
    What’s up Dave T.
    Believe it or not, the mosquitos were not bad at all. Didn’t need spray at all these past 2 nights. I was surprised as well because I came in Tuesday afternoon into a monsoon. However, I did find a track on a pretty steep incline which I tried to cast, but it broke into pieces. If anyone knows a way to cast on a steep slope, please tell, because I butchered it. Also caught a strange grunt on my audio 2 nights ago.
    Ill try to post a pick if the forums come back.
    Also, pretty excited to check the Minerva monster in canton tonight. Anyone see it yet?

  4. m99

    Thanks for sharing your sighting. Could you perhaps come on the show? I vacationed there (exactly there) one summer with my brother and his family. It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it? Is this the first time you’ve talked about the sighting?

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