Jan 10

World Bigfoot Radio: Yowie and Moehau Man!

Duke writes “In this episode we travel down under for a visit with an experiencer who has had multiple Yowie occurrences in her life, and has also seen the incredibly under reported Moehau Man of New Zealand!”

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      • Duke S

        Hey Judy and Donna, I can remember something that happened when I was one year old, and it was not nearly as memorable as the incident Sherri had. Just because you can’t remember things from when you were an infant does NOT mean EVERYONE ELSE can’t remember either. Not much basis to attack someones veracity, IMO.

  1. Wayne B

    New Zealand has been split from Australia about 85 million years ago way before large primates even existed, We have no primates naturally, We have isolated far to long for anything to like a bigoot or hominid to even exist here . For any suggestion they exist here means you would have to suggest that large homanids existed 85 million years ago .
    Have fun

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