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A giant ape that must have escaped from the zoo?

This listener has agreed to come on the show and I am excited to have him on. The listener writes “Hello Wes I came across your site on YouTube and listened to a few of your programs and decided that your the man to talk to about my intense encounter. My names Jay I’m 42 from upstate NY and back in 1995 I moved to Tennessee right on the northern border with Kentucky. I had moved there for work I due construction and at the time Nashville was booming. I had been there about 8 months when fall came around a couple guys I worked with asked if id like to go deer hunting. I was pumped because I had been a hunter all my life and didn’t think I would get to hunt that year because I didn’t know anyone outside of work and had no idea or land to hunt on. Anyway opening day we all met up at a 24 hr diner and set of to their land. It was down a dead end road with mountains on both sides of the road what those southern boys call a holler. It was still dark we got there so early so we could get up the mountain before the sun came up.

whitehal1The guy who owned the land drove me half way up on his 4 wheeler then he left me to walk the rest of the way and he was hunting across the road on the other mountain. I climbed the rest of the way up, about another half mile from where he dropped me off. He told me to get to the top and there is a huge bowl on top about 300 acres of clear cut to look over from the top. It was just starting to get light when I finally got settled in.

After the sun started lighting up this bowl shaped clear cut I started noticing something jet black about 100 or so yards away down below me in this bowl. I had no idea what it was and wasn’t even sure if there were black bears in this area as I never asked.

I had a high power set of binoculars on a tripod and still couldn’t figure out what this thing was.

After a few minutes I noticed movement the black thing was splitting in two I could see day light between it then back to one. Then all of a sudden it got huge that’s when I realized this thing was standing up on 2 legs and as I focused in on portions I could see hands then its ass crack, head, shoulders, at first when it stood it had its back to me, like I said I had a set of high power binoculars and could see it as if it were standing next to me, I could see the fur and skin were the fur was thin, I proceeded to watch this thing for 45 minutes I seen it beating on trees with a big rock then sticking its ear to the tree finally figured out it was hitting the trees and listening for critters to scurry around inside the trees then it literally pushed the tree down and snatched out what looked like a raccoon sat down again and I watched it rip the thing apart and eat it.

There is a lot more to this encounter I ended up so freaked out I climbed a tree and stayed on that mountain until the other guy eventually came looking for me because it was almost dark again and we only planned on hunting till around 2:00 pm I seen all kinds of things that day that are burned into my brain, to this day I’m still on edge when I go in the forest and I never hunted again the whole time I lived in TN.

First I thought it was a giant ape that must have escaped from the zoo I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what I was watching. I do feel lucky now to have been able to witness that creature so clearly for such a long time. Most people have only caught glimpses I watched it and got to see a few different behaviors that I haven’t heard anyone else say they’ve seen. Some explain the knock sounds people hear.

I appreciate your show and haven’t really told my encounter to very many people for obvious reasons. I just felt comfortable in sharing it with you. Keep up the great work someday we all will be vindicated. If you would like to know more of the things I saw that faithful day id be glad to share it with you.

One more thing there’s a drawing on your web site that looks very close to what I witnessed who ever drew it must have seen the same thing as I did.”

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  1. JOHN E


  2. Steven B

    There be boogers in them there hills….the sounds like it will be another bone chilling interview.

    I’m glad more people are finding your website, Wes, and willing to tell their of encounters. It is like having researchers all over the country that actually see and hear these animals. Observe their mannerisms and behaviors. Using what they tell us, we can develop our knowledge of what is “unknown” by the majority of science. I think this is really cool as well and highly valuable. Thanks again, Wes, and THANK YOU to each and every guest that is willing to speak even when they were traumatized by the event. Thank YOU!

    Your South Texas Samsquanch

  3. Jeffrey C

    Hey Wes your good friend Jeff agin. Very very interesting story! Would enjoy knowing which drawing this gentleman is referring to? And he’s right as far as it’s just a matter of time. In my opinion all of these so called bigfoots are on a very short rope. To many people have videos on there phones. And too many people are out there looking for them. And after you weed through all the good information that is on your wed site. As well as a few others and really do your homework it’s not hard to track these things down. It’s just a matter of time before one of these things really screw up in a big way. Their are just too many of them now!

  4. Jan W

    Wow, I can hardly wait for this episode! Glad Jay was far uphill and apparently down wind of this thing or else… And 45 min. – that has to be a record observation time. I am curious about which sketch too.

  5. Paul M

    Wow… get this dude on… he could be a 2 hour guest no problemo… fantastic 45 mnt look at this beast… it will be a crowd pleaser and should rate extremely well for us fans… WHEN HE GINA BE ON…

  6. Andrew O

    Wow! What an experience that must’ve been!

    I cannot wait to hear this guy’s account, and such a shame he didn’t have a camera, or decent phone to record anything on it.

    The experiences are getting better and better with every episode!

  7. Tedd

    Wow, can’t wait for this one!!! Its nice that in a area of such contravercy and back stabbing by different “experts ” , who seem to want to talk about themselves more than let people share their experiences without ridicule, that Wes & Woody have started such a great community. It’s strange that others don’t seem to grasp how important & incredible the reality of wood land cryptids is and never mind the science part of it, the thousands of people who enjoy the outdoors should be forwarned of possible danger so they can make a choice on protection or avoidance. Thanks Wes and all who share to educate us!

  8. Dave T

    Can’t wait to hear this one. This sounds just like another encounter a hunter had in MO. He got to observe a squatch doing its thing for an extended period of time to. He watched it from a distance through the scope on his rifle. There’s a lot more of these types of sightings out there. Just have to get the people to come forward.

  9. Sean G

    No problem Trent. Its just a guess… I may be being presumptuouso on the sketch. We will need the witness to verify what he actually saw. Sounds like an awesome encounter. The poor guy must have been scared out of his mind. How facinating though, to be able to observe one in its habitat going about its daily stuff. Wow.

  10. Kenneth M

    was in a conversation online on another tipic and some guy said he didnt believe in sasquatch but as a train conductor going slow in Iowa through some area he saw what he claoms was a gorilla that must escaped from a zoo – he said it wasn’t bigfoot it was clearly a gorilla, sitting on a rock watching the train go by. And he was like “It must have escaped from a zoo – what would a gorilla be doing in the middle of noware?” I found that disbelief of bigfoot but the affrimation of its a gorilla to lend some credibility – evidently some look very much like a gorilla.

    • Dave T

      He’s probably right, gorillas go missing everyday from zoos, very common. So many in fact we should have a breeding population of escaped gorillas in the states by now especially Iowa. They’ve even learned to adapt to the colder climates and hardwood forests of the north even though they come from a tropical jungle environment. No way was it a Sasquatch. The gorilla theory much more plausible.

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