Sep 13

The Confessionals: Disturbing The Upside Down

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 580: Disturbing The Upside Down we are joined by David who unravels an experience he went through that seems to have echoes of the popular show “Stranger Things.” David had reached out to the show to tell of a disturbing incident from his high school years in Trinidad, Colorado. He shares that he and a group of friends had dared to enter the abandoned Catholic school, unwittingly unleashing an unknown malevolent force that would soon plague them and those connected to them.

The situation grew so dire that it ultimately required the intervention of a specialist recommended by the Catholic Church. This expert was brought in to reinstate the boundaries and restore a sense of control over the malevolent entity that had been unleashed. Today we talk about this situation and the aftermath of an exploration gone awry, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs in “Disturbing The Upside Down.”

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  1. Jesse D

    i don’t automatically think someone is FOS when they reference popular tv. I think some directions, producers and of the like are given things to put into their movies and shows, so that when SOMEONE CAN use it as referenc… the response is always like “what, like you mean IN PREDATOR?!” or in this case stranger things. I’m def. about to head over and check it out.

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