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12 foot tall California Sasquatch is re-created

Here is another interesting report from the 70’s. Did the witnesses come across a large Sasquatch or a Mountain Giant?

This comes from bigfootencounters.com.


Left to Right –
Brian Goldojarb, Richard Engels and William (Willy) Roemermann.

Roemermann called me some years back (in the late 90s, I think) and said that both he and Richard were policeman in Palmdale, California at the time.  Now officially “Officer William Roemermann,” he told me he had re-visited the location and felt very uncomfortable and had to leave.  He said the experience still haunts him.

The original sighting was long ago, roughly 1971, but I believe all three boys were in their late teens at the time. The cut-out was 12 feet high.

The size of the creature has been misreported as 8 feet by some authors.  The boys said the creature chased their pickup for a short distance before suddenly veering off the road and into a canyon.  They distinctly saw its head brush the end of an overhanging tree branch.

The tree branch was 12 feet above the road.  I had set up a field camp there that was active for about 6 months.  ….Peter Guttilla updated 2007

Updated 2011 – They were camped at Big Rock and detected something moving around them.  Feeling panicky, they packed up and drove their compact pickup down the mountain.  When they got to Sycamore Flat, a 12-foot high creature ran from the campground and loped behind their truck… Peter Guttilla 2011

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  1. Gumshoguy

    Suspicious? Really?

    287 separate individual reports of Bigfoots 10 feet up to 16 feet, all across the U.S. and some in regions not known for mountains either. – Just Saying

    • Duke S

      Not knowing of the existence of Mountain Giants, how would they know what they saw? What percentage of them had an actual point of reference from which to accurately guess the height? How many saw a face? How many found tracks? It doesn’t need mountains to live in, nor did I say they were exclusively found there. One of the reports I sited is from Florida, (a report from over 150 years ago by the way), where there are no Mountains.

      • Gumshoguy

        I’m glad you made that clear Duke, some people extrapolate the idea of “mountain giants” with just that and I don’t believe that to be the case. There are plenty of accounts of these thing of extreme height in places not normally known cold mountainous areas.

  2. Robert W

    You are right….

    Duke- do you know how I can get hold of tribal accounts of the mountain Giants. I reached out to Wes but he is busy…

    Or do I have to speak to them in person? The topic is fascinating to me…

    • Duke S

      Best of luck, no one has compiled a list of tribal reports as far as I know and the only book on this subject is a slim one called “True Giants” by Loren Coleman and Mark A. Hall, Robert.

  3. Don V

    To give you an idea how tall 12 feet is, the next time you are in a McDonald’s drive-thru,
    look up and you will see the height restriction for vehicles is 8 ft and look at that mark
    and then just add 4 ft to it. Amazing when you add the huge wide shoulders and barrel
    chest just how frightening one of these giants would be. WOW!

  4. MONTE M

    I like the Bigfoot encounters website . When I First got into the subject ( became a believer ) five years ago ,that was where I read sightings reports . There is a Stabilized version of the Patty film on the sight . I read that sighting report and it fascinated me . If it’s real it is an amazing account . If not it’s good reading and stirs my imagination . I believed it myself when I read it . Wouldn’t it suck to have that happen to you and no one believed it , or worse yet have the THING play bowling for dollars with your pickup and it gets written up as ” three dead in backcountry pickup rollover ” alcohol believed to be responsible or whatever . Most people are not going to believe in an eight foot Creature let alone a twelve foot creature . Or how about a twelve foot creature with two feet on all fours chasing a four by four trying steel a trophy six by six out of the back .

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