Feb 27

Sundays Show: The Paracas Skulls

Join me as I invite Ron Morehead to the show.  Ron Morehead has traveled the world doing research on the unexplained, undiscovered, and underexplored. He is recognized around the globe for the best Bigfoot/Sasquatch audio recordings known as the Sierra Sounds.

Ron’s Research includes the scientific study of Bigfoot evidence. The possibility of connections between Bigfoot and the skeletons found in Peru and Bolivia, the Love Lock Cave and also the Minaret Skull.

Ron and I will be discussing the Paracas Skulls and Ron shares with us what he learned from his recent trip to Peru and also a recent encounter he had in 2011 when he returned to the location where he captured the sierra sounds.

Check out Ron’s website at http://ronmorehead.com/

Here is a clip of the sierra sounds

24 Responses to “Sundays Show: The Paracas Skulls”

  1. Diana A

    I want you all to consider the epidode of Nazca Lines, Expedition Unknown S1 Episode 5. After speakung with local archeologists and the descendants of the homeland people, JGates finds important info leading that the lines are maps to underwater aquafirs. The “so called” space man is a fisherman greating fisherman whose life depends on “fishing. Jeff Meldrum also considers JGates yeti print he collected as “authentic”.
    JWade find serioys info that the loch Ness monster is explained by a trapped Greenland shark whose look differs by a dorsal fin is low and near the tail.
    These searchers look for answers and reasons and do not go into there hunt with “agendas”
    I appreciate RMooreheads research, BUT, you cannot fit this in a biblical account. Thanks for the recordings you hv provided to the world.
    This is about a living being that is closely related to Native Americans(humans) and you are perpetuating false beliefs and using Native American stories when it fits your needs. This needs to be looked at as a biological research topic collecting evidence. Not accumulated odddities happening all at once. Lights, ufos, portals, religious beliefs and mind speak are NOT facts. They are all collective conjecture.

  2. pam

    Wes you get us the best stuff, never boring here! The range and diversity of your guests is awesome.
    Nowhere else has what you produce, and you should be proud of your creation.

  3. Gale R

    Yay, I love to hear Ron Morehead AND also about the mystery of the Paracas Skulls. He has some good ideas about the theology of this and how it fits in with Biblical history.

  4. Karen C

    Life with Sasquatch Cronicles is so exciting, there is never a dull moment. Sunday is looking better and better because of all your effort to keep us educated. Thanks Wes…

  5. footer2

    The only reason i listen to your show is because you had stories and encounters from regular people that is the best proof to date, but now you are striving to be like all the other shows and i do not like it. I dont listen to your show to hear experts on nephilim and forest giants, or gugwe wendigo. i listen to hear real, regular people tell their stories. Now an “expert” on skulls. How about an episode of peoples encounters i know for a fact you have people waiting ro get their story out there but you put them on the back burner for “EXPERTS” you let all these people tell you how awesome you are and what a wonderful job you are doing get back to the “roots” of the whole idea.

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