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The tallest bigfoot on record

This comes from bigfootencounters.com.

I want to thank Gary for sending me this article. We have talked about mountain giants on before on the show, when you look at old reports were the witnesses talking about Sasquatch or something else?

A man from Gary, Indiana reportedly told of seeing a 10-foot tall creature in the Yukon in the 1940’s and shooting it with a 30.06. He said the tracks were  18 to 22 inches long. (Citation: John Green, “Sasquatch,” pg 242)

The tallest sasquatch report would have to be the 15 foot tall creature reported by the 5 workmen at the Bighorn Dam site, in western Alberta, Canada near Nordegg. That was in 1969.  Two of the men went up to the creature’s location after it had moved off and the men who stayed below were amazed that their friends were less than half as tall as the creature was while it was in view. That’s how they concluded that it was 15 feet tall.

From the late 1960’s until 1984, there was a rash of very large creature reports, all happening within a hundred mile radius of Nordegg in Alberta. However nobody said 15 feet again, it was 12, 13 feet tall, but never a 15 footer. Normal sized sasquatch height reports in this area also happened, leaving modern research to conclude these may be gross exaggerations by frightened observers.

“This has been the subject of some of  my talks at the forums in the past,” says Thomas Steenburg, Canadian researcher and author, “…and I believe I talked about this very thing in my book, “The Continuing Mystery, ” chapter 4, page 43, titled, “The tallest Man On The Mountain.”

“At that time I felt people were just over estimating the size. But since then, I’ve asked,  why was it that all these over estimations were located in the same general area of the province…. also why did these “tallest accounts” stop happening after the 1984 report?”

All the reports since then have been 6, or 7 ft tall with a few 8 feet tall accounts. Steenburg writes, “Ronald Gumel reported 2 creatures standing on the David Thompson Road near Windy Point and he claimed both these creatures were over 12 feet tall, however as far as I know there were no other extremely tall creatures reported from this area after 1984.” Reports of 7 foot and 8 foot animals continue to happen.

There is one other story, which was years before, when an Indian woman said she saw two very tall creatures digging at something on a mountian side also near Windy Point…..Windy Point is about 20 miles west of Nordegg. The Bighorn Dam site is about half way between the two, in western Alberta, Canada.  (Citation: Thomas Steenburg, author British Columbia)

There exists one other report of a 12-foot tall hair-covered creature sighted by multiple witnesses near Palmdale, California taken by investigator Peter Guttilla in 1972. The story cites law enforcement officers. (Citation: P. Guttilla)

In December, 2006, a northern Saskatchewan woman saw a dark brown sasquatch walking along the forest edge near Torch Lake while driving in from Deschambault Lake. She described its height as 2.5 metres tall [8.2 feet tall] and muscular with long floppy arms attached to broad shoulders. © The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon)

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    • Duke S

      Also likely a MG, video was captured in the same area some researchers think may be their east-west travel corridor. The name Gilyuk may be a term for MG or squatch, uncertain at this point.

        • Gumshoguy

          Not necessarily so James M, there are accounts albeit not a lot, but there are reports of some Bigfoots of extreme heights (10-16 feet) sighted in the deep-south as well. There is one report of a large eight foot Bigfoot found in Georgia, a dead obviously defiled and shaken to a ragged mess animal. So you have to wonder what is large enough to shake and mangle a large Bigfoot creature like yesterday’s dirty clothes?

  1. Copperhead120

    I have a friend back East that said she and another guy were in VERY REMOTE country and found 30″ tracks!!!! That’s a big damn Sasquatch or mountain giant!!
    I believe her because they are keeping the area secret and she’s got absolutely no reason to lie.

  2. Duke S

    The Nordegg siting was absolutely a Mountain Giant IMO, Local natives also mentioned that there were more than one of them in the area (which they were aware of) after this siting came out. This may be one of the best MG reports, and I have more on it which I will post here shortly.

  3. Mark T

    The one that I saw near Mt. Rainier was at least 11-feet tall in 1987… I measured the conifer bough that it pushed out of its face with a 12-foot fishing rod the next day.

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