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SC EP:1049 He Slimed Me

Chad writes “In 2003 a hunting friend and myself had a very strange thing happen to us. I live in Mercer county Ohio, it’s in West central Ohio, flat land, small box woods, and miles of corn fields.

I live in a small town called Celina, we have one of the largest man dug lakes in the world its 5 miles wide and 10 miles long, it was dug by hand by German immigrants for a water supply for the cannel systems in Ohio . I’m telling you this because I think these things could travel the old cannels from time to time, the BFRO has a one report from back in the 70’s close to the cannels.

One night while out running our coondogs we had a very weird night. We had very nice hounds that did their job, no nonsense dogs.

We cut 2 dogs into a section we often hunted, it didn’t take long for my dog to open up on a track, and the my buddies dog opened up.

Shortly after the dogs went quiet, followed by high pitched squeaks from both dogs and then not another peep out of either dog. We had tracking collars on the dogs but we couldn’t get a signal from them , these collars can be tracked for 5 miles or so…But we had nothing.

We looked at each other discussing why the dogs were acting strange, coyotes, running a deer, we didn’t know. But our dogs almost never ran off game.

It was early September so the corn was 7 or 8 feet tall and still green and we was standing in it, All of a sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of fear sweep over me, we heard something running around us in a circle, it sounded like more than one thing and it was big, it stopped moving and i could hear heavy breathing and they started moving again… Not going to lie I was scared very scared…. I moved closer to my friend and asked him if could hear that and what is it…

He just said be quiet listen .. we heard some more movement and then nothing. We continued to try to track the dogs but nothing. All of sudden I heard something splatter I looked at John and he said what the….His shoulder was covered in a thick clear slime that smelled awful. It freaked John out.

We headed back to the truck. Keep in mind these dogs are worth literally thousands of dollars so heading back without them wasn’t an easy choice.

We got back to the truck and found both dogs hiding behind the back tire of the truck, we had to drag them out from under the truck…Not normal, these big walker hounds could have easily killed any animal we have here.

We loaded the dogs into the dog box got into the truck and the smell from johns jacket was the nastiest thing I have ever smelled, John actually had to put it bed of the truck…

What do you think happened…? Was it cryptic related?”





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104 Responses to “SC EP:1049 He Slimed Me”

    • William P

      The smelly slime reminded of when I was a kid. We owned a male Pug (dog) that had overactive anal sent glands. When the glands were full an extremely pungent clear Jelly would be ejected from our dog’s rear end. It would smell up the whole house. To prevent this my mom would don rubber glove and drain the gland manually using her finger (Super nasty!). Maybe this is what was thrown at the slimed hunter. Male primates are known to throw their feces on other males to show dominance. 🤔

  1. James G

    Wes, your answer at the end is SPOT ON. A lot of “researchers” and pod cast host are uncomfortable speaking of these events, but patterns are patterns and if these events are ignored, then this phenomena will stay on the 5 yard line and never advance. My kid will still be looking at footprints, dermal ridges, and metatarsal breaks in 20 yrs

  2. James G

    There’s 2 options what fluid that was, and I’d take getting spit on by a dogman or Sabe vs the other option. The circling behavior to me feels more canine. I heard an encounter on HTH where a deer hunter in a tree stand had, what he thought was one of these beings, spit on his neck from behind

  3. Linda B

    Cracked me up when you asked if they ever went back there.


    Hahaha. No kidding . I think they were in predator mode, they felt the evil supernatural creepo factor. I think it was cryptid and it spit on the poor guy. And they were hunting so probably sasquatch spit in predator mode so they couldn’t see it, in all fours maybe, and then hack-o spitt-o. Oh my go…..
    Sorry I know it’s not funny. I totally believe it, not good.
    Do write your statement stories down We. I know shorthand (archaic). I’ll type them for you.

  4. Linda B

    Wes, didn’t you say weird things happen in cornfields a lot.
    I saw that black 🐈‍⬛ thing in a cornfield during my episode. “Natural spiritual entity in a fleshly form”. Yep.

  5. m99

    Thanks for the best “non-answer” anyone could give (not being sarcastic either). However, you did admit that there’s something paranormal about “these things”. Personally, I was relieved when you stopped calling them ‘damned dirty apes’. Because it demonstrated you had moved forward from your original take on these beings. And I doubt anyone seriously believes these creatures are regular apes. If so, why aren’t they declared a species and celebrated. Nope. Something is definitely different about these things, and it’s been covered up. Just sayin’. Kudos to your guest. Great job. _m

    • James G

      Excellent reply, the North American ape theory makes zero sense at this point. There’s something “other” about these beings, and that other is the mystery behind this phenomena no doubt in my mind. When we figure out the other, then we will find answers. I also believe they can be “flesh and blood” AND other. The flesh and blood camp uses, footprints for instance, to say “see told you so, they leave physical evidence so therefore they are flesh and blood so they can’t be anything else…”

  6. Annette S

    I love this episode. yes researchers need to be more open minded. As an experiencer do you think it really feels good to tell you the weird stuff that not even I can’t explain? it’s really embarrassing and I can understand it’s best to keep my mouth shut and I can see why people have a hard time coming forward.

    • m99

      Wow Annette S ~ Good point. And I know what you mean. But, a few people around here are on that same wavelength, so maybe you could share some of those experiences in the forum.

      One of the most important things about this site is the host. He sets the tone, and is very careful to actually listen to what people say, no matter how “out there” their experiences seem to be. Plus, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, he has ‘stick-to-it-iveness’, or simply put, persistence. He’s shown the ability to change his thinking and withstand other so called researchers who’ve attacked, maligned, and abandoned him over misunderstanding of this subject. So yeah, it forced him, in a way, to expand his views.

      Anyway, thanks for your post Annette. _m

  7. Chad W

    Loved the Ghostbusters rendition at the end. Like some others have said, I don’t really want to think too hard about what that slime might have been…might not want to know. Thanks Wes, and thanks Chad for coming on to share your bizarre experience.

  8. Linda B

    Wes, I loved your explanation at the end of this episode. I was thinking it was an ape in the woods too, not any more. Thanks for your dedication to this subject. We are all learning a lot.

  9. Alex J

    I’m glad I was not the only one who was thinking that that “slime” was likely NOT urine…but possibly some other special fluid that nobody seems comfortable saying outloud.

  10. Trey

    I heard or read , “ slimed me?” We talking ghosts? We talking spirits we talking demons or unidentified entities? I got a lot but haven’t listened all the way through yet.

  11. Janetta V

    Was a very wierd encounter, never heard of anything like that. But I always pay attention to the animals before anything else, they seem to know more than humans do when it comes to these type of wierd things. If they are scared, then you should be, I believe God built something special into animals so they can protect themselves better. You did a great job Wes in comforting this man. Thanks

  12. Christopher B

    Hey Wes, I seem to recall MK Davis talking about encountering a slimy substance, that he got on himself while in Bluff Creek, that made him sick. Could that be what you might have been remembering? I wonder if your guest’s friend got sick from getting the substance on him?

  13. Steve K

    I doubt it was a plane, the velocity of anything dropping that far would’ve injures the guy. unless this was the biggest loogie of all time, there is only one other bodily fluid a male makes that is thick and slimy, and I’ve known farm animals that would release it just when excited.

  14. Blanche D

    Interesting encounter as it was very unusual, if one can say such a thing. I think his hunting partner was spat on. I also think Wes made a good point about how his partner’s reaction could indicate that he did see the creature, or at least a glimpse of it. Thanks for sharing. I liked that the guest thanked Wes for helping him through his day, l have the same gratitude for the podcasts too.

  15. connie m

    i normally don’t comment unless i’m unhappy with your programming ..which is a lot as of late. hitting the bottom of the barrel. but i am sorry to hear about your dog. research “two feathers”. it is an old formula passed down through a family. i have used it. great for canines and humans, i am not associated with this product. it probably would coat around 200 for your dog. save your dog wes.

    • Linda P

      What part did you have an issue with?? As a witness myself i can say that what happened is what happened..not going to dress stuff up or change the story to please the listeners..my encounter was actually very short and not at all exciting it seems after hearing many other peoples..but you know what,im thinking i got lucky..since then things have gotten a lot more ramped up with my experiences with these things..

  16. Linda P

    So how many of you follow Robert Kryder of Kryder Exploration..there was some mention of a witnessed sighting of a small raptor, it makes me wonder if whatever spit on him was trying to spit in his eyes to blind and disable him jurrasic park style..

  17. Charles R

    I really like hearing your story Chad, we are practically neighbors. I live just south in Darke County outside of Arcanum. Yours is the first story I have heard in Mercer County, or any of the far western Ohio Counties north of me, however I am sure there are more out there. And yours is the first that may have involved one hacking up and either spitting or throwing a gob at a person. I have also heard like Wes, on them peeing on men in tents. I suspect you and John interupted a deer hunting mission of a couple of Bigfoots and surely they did not appreciate the coon dogs. Years ago around your time I read of a hunter in Allen County (LIma, OH area) who was walking out a trail when hearing huge sounding footsteps coming towards him. Then a Bigfoot ran over him carrying a deer over its back, probably more of a side swipe and actually dropped the deer down when this happened. I guess your probably know by now that the Mercer County Fair Boad just erected a 30 foot total in length wood carved Bigfoot last week, which I plan to visit quite soon. My wife’s cousin lives on Grand Lake St. Marys and I hope they get this lake cleaned up soon.

  18. Karla Amber G

    I see that John guffey’s remains have just recently been found near where Tony and Wes and company located his van. Which sort of matches up with the fact that they concluded that he was running uphill away from his van. Spooky

  19. Karla Amber G

    (cont.) …And what’s crazy is I’m sure he’s some sort of distant relation to me, as my last name is Guffey, and most if not all guffeys come from one little corner of Scotland originally.

  20. Jesse D

    Let’s ask what we are all wondering… did it smell like jizz or not? I’m never going to say I’m having a bad day ever again … because getting possibly (likely) jizzed on by a freaking Sasquatch really tops the “worse case scenario” list for sure. Like… I could have a fender bender, trip and scuff my knee, accidentally over draft my account … and it STILL WOULD NOT be as bad as what happens to this poor human. ::full disclaimer:: I worked in a prison buddy… people near me have been gassed with human urine, feces and “slime”. I sympathize greatly, and I’m not making fun of you, or bullying.

  21. theresa m


    Wes, thanks for this show. Chad, thanks for sharing! Oh, the slime. How disgusting! I was eating breakfast when you mentioned it and I thought I was going to yak up my sausage and egg burrito. Phew! The question to your guests, Wes, “What do you think Sasquatch is?” The more I listen to you and other podcasters today’s thought is that the world before man was a world of gigantism. The plants, sea life, animals … all gigantic. The air was filled with denser oxygen, so the scientists report. Is it possible that with DNA manipulation, we are the odd ball in this plane of existence? The forest people don’t like us. They are stronger than us, smarter in the woods and have abilities that my fall into the paranormal category. There is the part about them not being able to harm us outright, rules! Still figuring it out but when Chad said he didn’t think they are nephilim, it got me wondering. Sad his friend and he no longer hang out.

  22. Paul M

    Agreed coon dogs are psycho and don’t shut up. We had similar experience with our shepherd, barking crazy in pursuit at something… than ran back 15 seconds later, flying into the tent silent.

  23. william Y

    I wonder if the creature pooped in his hands, and threw it at him. I wonder if he was laughing his hairy ass off when he did it . Remind me of a story. My friend got divorced and his wife gave him two weeks to get out, and he went around and peed in all of her house plans for two weeks laughing his ass off every time he did it.

  24. Jeff H

    Should have kept a sample of the fluid and had it tested But when I was listening to the story1st thing I thought of That guy got jizzed on. Great show Wes. Hope everything goes well with your dog.🙏

  25. Maynard w

    I have a Redbone Coonhound that the breeder hunts mountain lions with. They totally don’t act like that. Thanks for all you do brother. I look forward to hearing you in a couple weeks.

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