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Young woman disappeared never to be seen again


So many strange disappearances have occurred on a stretch of highway that covers 837 miles in the state of British Columbia Canada, mostly involving women or children. Few roads on earth are more dramatically breathtaking than Canada’s Highway 16. The lonely highway stretches east-west through British Columbia, winding its way through snow peaks, bustling mill towns, and a remote and lonely wilderness that feels as if it has been lost in time. No one knows what or who exactly is to blame for the missing and dead. Canadian Mounty police in some cases believe it is the work of a serial killer, yet more than 3 decades have passed without any luck. Even a special task force has been formed and a Canadian government inquiry was opened regarding why so many women ranging in age from children to adults have either been killed or have never been found.

Another young woman disappeared never to be seen again. A 20-year-old female vanished near what has come to be known as the Highway of Tears. The young girl was last seen at 3 a.m. on the night of May 27, 2011.

Madison Scott was with a large group of friends at Hogsback Lake, British Columbia partying and camping on the night of Friday May 27, 2011. Maddy and a girlfriend, Jordanne Bolduc, were at the party together. About 50 persons were attending. Maddy’s girlfriend reportedly went home early after hurting her knee or “fell into the fire” as she states in the link below, but Maddy decided to stay and camp alone. She was an experienced camper who’d been to Hogsback many times. She was last seen by party goers at about 3 a.m., on Saturday. The next day as people were cleaning up, they saw her tent pitched beside her truck, but did not see her. The party continued for another night, but no one saw Maddy. Her parents were concerned as they did not hear from her, but they felt she was responsible and did not report her missing.

On Sunday, May 29, Maddy’s parents trekked to the lake to find their daughter. They located her truck and flattened tent. Her purse was inside her truck, but there was no sign of her cell phone. Maddy’s keys and iPhone were gone. Her family contacted police and the official search for Maddy Scott began. After a thorough search of the campsite and area around Hogsback Lake, police determined that Maddy likely left the campsite in a vehicle. Investigators have interviewed the people who attended the party, even administered polygraph tests on some of the party goers, but to date, there are no suspects in the disappearance of Maddy Scott.

This occurred very close to what Canadians refer to as the “Highway of Tears”, a stretch of road where several people have gone missing or been found dead since 1969. Could Sasquatch be the killer?




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  1. Andrew L

    I watched a documentary on Madison Scott! I think she may have been lured out of her tent or was relieving herself when someone or something took her. Either a serial killer familiar with that area or a Sasquatch took her. I drove from Anchorage to Seattle and wound up taking a wrong turn down that highway- it’s VERY creepy. There’s an area where you’re kind of in the shadow of this mountain and you realize how minuscule you are. It was a quiet lonely stretch that appeared to go on forever. Except for the occasional 18-wheeler and dead buffalo bodies atop frozen pillars of snow & ice, you feel like the last person alive out there. It’s truly eerie.

  2. Andrew L

    I hope someday soon they find her or the person that took her for the sake of her family getting some kind of closure. Really feel for the victims’ families. I couldn’t imagine going through something like that. Awfully sad.

  3. Tyler D

    Hey Wes, I think you should possibly think about possibly having David Paulides as a possible guest in the future. I think you’d be surprised with what you guys may come up with. You both have dealt with the Department of Interior in one fashion or another. You both have dealt with possible government cover ups. N I believe you both have puzzle pieces that might fit in the overall bigger picture here. And it might make for a great show

  4. Robert V

    That serial killer was young. Doesn’t account for all the deaths. Plus, I don’t believe he was involved with this case. If you look at the “theory” of a serial killer its somewhat plausable but not completely. Many of these disappearences, not all, but many are exactly like the 411 books. Plus they are similiar to the Sasquatch legends of the area.


    • Tyler D

      I meant in general, it had nothing to really do with this specific story. I’ve actually brought this up before on previous occasions. This story just happened to remind of it is all

  5. Esther P

    I really dislike this kind of stuff… so traumatic for these women or girls. But the Sasquatch issue came up and it just happens that I was recently researching info on the Kwakiutl tribe in the British Columbia area and of their legends of the Dzunuḵ̓wa. This tribe is matriarchal and not wanting to offend any tribe and its beliefs, there was mention of the tribe’s history in the practicing of the dark arts and the Dzunukwa or the cannabalistic giantess ogre known also as The Wild Woman of the Woods. Missing by Sasquatch.. maybe, but am more suspicious of serial killers.

    • Christopher c

      Hey Esther I don’t remember if it was the Kwakiutl or the Tsimshian or both tribes that practiced cannibalism of their enemies but in the case of these women I believe that a killer like that of the Green River killer is highly suspect in the case of these missing women, it is still a mystery of why severed feet sometimes still in a shoe keep washing upon B.C. shores this leads me to believe that there is a serial killer who is some kind of boat owner or operator,but until we catch the S.O.B. I guess they will keep washing up.

  6. Kevin K

    I travel this roadway often driving from the lower 48 back home to Alaska. Hwy 16 connects with Hwy 37 (Cassia Hwy) and then onto the Alaskan Highway. Its about 1800 miles of ABSOLUTR wilderness. My wife and I have seen many strange things (lights in the forests at night, even a rather strange critter one night standing by the side of the road…upright just staring at us!!). We were on episode 94 and believe me….there is no way man kind has knowledge of all that exists out in the wilderness…we cant…it’s just way too vast. Remember….4 dimensions….not only for he vast 3 dimensional topography but a ever changing 4 dimension (time)….

    Be careful in your travels to Alaska and along this stretch of road.

  7. Jack33

    Serial killers, for the most part, don’t exsist, imo.
    I don’t believe it for a bit.
    What happened to all the scary serial killers like we had in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s?
    I’ll tell you what happened; they’ve all been replaced by the ‘deranged gunman’ on a shooting spree.
    The new ‘boogie man’ they tell you to fear is a ‘loner’ who shoots up schools or crowded movie theaters, if you believe that.
    I know I’ll come off as a ‘kook’ to most of you for saying this , but I don’t really care.
    It would take too long to explain it all and this isn’t the time or place to do it. Just know there are many people who think exactly as I do, trust me.
    Bigfoot makes better sense than a serial killer, imho.
    Great website and great show!… Keep up the good work Wes.

  8. Egon S

    The worst thing that happened in the interior of B.C. is that the Grey Hound Bus shut down it’s routes! Now those Reservations are even more secluded; even more will try their luck at hitch hiking and then even more abductions. I can’t understand women most of the time, they are clueless to danger. I did some day bikes along the Duffey Lake Road with two buddies of mind back around. 2000. We went up the Cottonwood Creek trail just East of Duffey Lake and stumbled across a lone female in her mix 20’s who couldn’t get her propane stove to work! She was planning to hike solo through the Stein Mountain, then down the valley and follow the river East to Litton BC! We tried to talk her out of it but wouldn’t change her plans. Also told her she was lucky we were Christians! Other guys might not have been so accomodating!
    Whether you want to hear this or not, I was told by a Native woman married to a friend of mine that most native girls get raped on the Reserve by the time they are 18 by one of their own people! Big problem all around!

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