Feb 12

World Bigfoot Radio: Upper Midwest Bigfoot encounters

Duke writes “Big D joins us to tell us of his run ins with Bigfoot in the Wisconsin and Michigan area, and also other encounters in the area his first experience occurred in, as well as other sightings in the upper Midwest.”

4 Responses to “World Bigfoot Radio: Upper Midwest Bigfoot encounters”

  1. Bob V


    This is awesome. The reason I believe this is because I lived in Wisconsin and now in Minnesota. If you believe in Sasquatch in these areas the ridicule is pretty severe. But yet when you look at the wide range of toprogrophy (sorry about spelling) it’s Sasquatch heaven. Winter might be an issue but even then deer populations are plentiful. Plus, I suspect they live off of small game as well. Why isn’t it ever considered they live off of squirrels, mice, rats, posmmum etc. Wolves do.


    • Duke S

      Right on Bob, there are eyewitness reports of them catching and eating marmots and ground squirrels, they will eat just about anything, if they can catch it. The gent who tracked one for several miles through the snow in the Dakota’s mentioned it seemed to have stopped several times along the way to scoop up a rodent off the ground as it walked. Munchies…lol

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