Feb 12

Something on the property

A listener writes ” I believe I have bigfoot or Dogman who travel past my house on a regular basis. I live in SE Kansas, in the country on a dirt road.

I have seen a dark figure standing near the house the dogs were barking at it. I went outside to check why they were barking and it went behind a tree. My son saw what he called a devil dog in out driveway late at night. My daughter saw a figure across the road which stepped into the woods as soon as she stepped out onto the front porch. When our central air was broken one summer my daughter and I slept in the camper.

Something tall and on two legs walked between the camper and the house in the middle of the night. I think it has peeked into our bedroom windows. I heard it run away from the front living room window one night. I went out one night because our boxer was barking out in the field. I shined the flash light and got eye shine and it moved off toward the fenceline. The eyes shined yellow and was frontal facing. I saw one run across the road but I could not make out any detail.”

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  1. m99

    My best friend lives in Parsons. Anywhere near that? Her sister lives out in the country, is a widow, and we all feel she shouldn’t be out there by herself. I’ve often wondered if BF and DM are in those parts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Barbara W

    I am East of Parsons about 20 miles. I have often thought about what I would do if something happened to my husband. I would be concerned about living alone in the country. Knowing that they come by here on occassion has changed the way I go about doing things especially after dark.

    • m99

      Thanks Barbara. Until SC I had no idea the hairy folks lived in Kansas. WE’ve considered living there but it gets to cold in the winter. Take care of yourselves.

  3. Bradley B

    I have traveled all of KS and I can not for the life of me remember seeing anything that would even come close to being a forest!…..lol. wind farms and cows is about the only shape on the horizon of KS.

  4. Wolf W

    Lock your dog inside at night.
    Put up motion activated lights around your house to keep them away and remember, if there is one about, there are more than likely others.

  5. Kelly W

    The area’s of Kansas I always felt would be worth investigating are near Marysville and Blue Water.. its very wooded and lots of creeks and waterways.. and I have a friend who lived outside Marysville in the country, who said they have heard some very odd screams late at night coming from the direction of the creek that runs along the back end of their property.. which always spooks the daylights out of their horses.. and sends them running for the barn…just a FYI….

  6. Northfork

    Kelly that sounds a lot like they have a Mountain Lion in the area. Horse behavior is exactly like I have experienced when a cat was moving through my area. If not a Mountain Lion perhaps a bobcat. I’d put the horses in the barn in the late afternoon…before dusk.

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