Nov 12

World Bigfoot Radio: Surrounded by Sasquatch

Duke writes “Sunny shares the details of her harrowing 3 day summer 2017 adventure in northern Idaho, in an area used as a nursery by a local Sasquatch Troop.”


6 Responses to “World Bigfoot Radio: Surrounded by Sasquatch”

  1. Martin Z

    These guys are at it again. ” we’ll we have plenty of video, pics, and proof however we’re not ready to show it yet”
    But not Wes, he is freakin awesome and I love your show!

    • Duke S

      Yeah, it was great to have a guest on that DID send in all their pictures and video, as well as go through and do screen captures of interesting things found on the video and include them as well, I am very glad to have had all the visual stuff they were referencing when putting this show together and having it all included in it.

    • Duke S

      If they are showing adds on the bottom part of the screen, there is a little “X” in the corner of it to click on to make it go away, I think that s what you are referring too. Adds are different depending if you are on a phone or computer or whatever you are using!
      Thanks for watching!

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