Nov 17

9-10 foot tall black Bigfoot creature walking on two legs

I want to thank Gumshoguy for sending me this report. Three people sitting around a table enjoying conversation suddenly erupts into screams and confusion as a 9-10 foot tall black Bigfoot creature walking on two legs out of their yard and into the woods

Here is the report:

July 28, 2011
Newaygo County
Date Reported: July 28 2011
Time: 11:00A
Location: Near Howard city
Ambient Temperature: Warm

Details: Now 2 days ago the three of us (myself, wife & sister-n-law) were sitting at the dining room table around 11:00 am it was sunny and from my wife’s vantage point there is a small clearing in the woods about 25 yards from the house anyhow she let out a blood curdling scream! She said there it is! Before I could get out of my chair and move to the window whatever it was she seen was gone but what she seen was something black walking on two legs.

It was extremely large she did not get a look at the head but said it was NOT a bear its legs were too long to be a bear. What she did point out was that this thing was at least 9 to 10 foot tall. Moments later, I got my brother and his adult kids to come over and help me try to find any tracks or sign of movement to no avail but something weird happened as we were walking out of the woods. Normally you can hear a helicopter quite a ways off before you actually see it. This time there was little to no sound and all of a sudden out of nowhere, here is a (dark green) helicopter we did not notice any markings on it of any kind, hovering over our garage moving in the direction of the thing my wife seen very slow then disappeared from view. The next day, which was yesterday, my wife and mother seen the same helicopter hovering over the same location.

As earlier stated at the risk of sounding crazy we contacted our neighbor about the strange sightings and sounds and to our surprise, they have been experiencing the same thing including in the past couple of weeks chickens missing from their coop pounding on their home and seeing the same red eyes. Our general location is between Newaygo and Howard city Michigan, is there anyone in the area that would be willing to set up game tracking cameras or other motion sensing equipment as we would like very much to find out what this is. Source: Michigan Bigfoot Information, Bob D.

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  1. Mauri G

    If it is the government in the helicopter wonder what they are doing? Are they just tracking it and keeping an eye on it or are they trying to capture or kill iit/them?

  2. Ben H

    I know what he means by the silent helicopter. Not Sasquatch related that I know of, but several years ago I was on a canoe trip with around a dozen other people. As we all had come around a bend I happened to be looking down river. At the next bend, probably 250 yards out, I see an Apache come around the bend, below the tree line, slow for a moment as it saw us, then go into an attack posture with the nose down like the pilot was doing an imaginary machine gun spray on us. At 200 yards he nosed back up, rose, then rolled to his left over the trees and was gone.

    Only 3 of us saw it at first. It didn’t make any noise until he pulled up and rolled out. One guy dove from his canoe. I reached behind me and pulled my AK pistol. I seriously thought we were about to sprayed with bullets. It was almost as scary as a Sasquatch encounter!!

    • Kevin K

      Episode 94….2nd Half of show….My encounter(s) as a police officer in the Huron National Forest. Sept 93…..had to shoot at something screaming at me. Pitch black, ran away on 2 ft, and last spring in an abandoned old USFS site found HUGE dog tracks. Took pics….only they were not in the normal walking pattern. Way too big for coyote and either wolf or something bigger. Just camped out last month for 2 nights in the Huron National Forest with canoe access only along Ausable River wilderness. At 2am we heard the most God awful howl from across the River near the town of McKinley. It echoed through the trees. 1 howl and that was it. Anyway, have a listen to the episode 94….it’ll detail more and my time of living out west and in Alaska. Northern Michigan is bizzare…..ALWAYS, ALWAYS go ARMED when venturing into the back country. I don’t know if I would be here to write this had I not been armed in 1993.

      I spoke at great length with gumshoeguy via email a few years ago. He is VERY credible source. And I know what he wrestled with to report this stuff.


  3. Amy D

    Thanks Kevin K ! I will look that up today & listen to it.. people don’t realize how wooded & rural most of Michigan is,,, prefect hiding grounds for all sorts of creatures

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