Sep 28

World Bigfoot Radio: Subterranean Sasquatch

Duke writes “Rich Soule returns to the show to share his insights and research on the very real underworld of caverns below our feet, and how Bigfoot is likely using them! Also includes his research on eye glow. Images courtesy of Rich, Duke, Sunny, Khat, Sybilia and other great talents.”

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  1. Paula L

    This has been one of the most interesting shows I have listened to! Rick your research is beyond amazing & makes total sense. I thank you for all of your tremendous qualifications that makes it all tremendously real. I will always be aware of your tremendous qualifications that bring so very much together for us to enjoy as learners of this subject, keep the reality coming my intelligent friend! Blessings to all of you, I’m on to look up Leonardo Davinci’s The Last Jugement! Thank you Duke & Rick Soule for bring us this Karst System, Bless You & Thank You?Ou hve given m knew hints follow behind & research myself, Bless You & Thank You,!!

  2. Jason F

    Awesome! I tell people the exact same things. It’s 3:20 a.m. And I’m trying to run down and reset my battery, so glad I explored the website more, I usually just listen to the show. I’ve been in this subject a while and had many encounters, but only saw glowing red eyes once from 3 individuals. Great chat guys! Thanks

  3. Jason F

    I just had a thought about your missing 411 comment at 42minutes about people disappearing before storms. Could they be looking for snacks to hold them over through the storm while they go underground to wait it out? Just a thought. I never really thought about that much, many predators hunt in bad weather, myself included.

  4. Christine J S

    Great show Duke as always. Looked up pictures of “Last Judgment” but the close-up of the scene shown by Rick’s close-up doesn’t seem to match the original painting (details are too blurry?). Duke have you or Rich ever seen either of these paintings or pictures close-up or in person?

    I agree that they both seem to represent dark figures in an underground mound close to a river but why think Sasquatch? No hair coat; large ears on “male” figure with mustache & goatee; no breasts on “female” figure; etc. So what makes you say Sasquatch?

    Appreciate any insight you have to enlighten me. Thanks for all you do.

    • Duke S

      Photo of the mentioned section of the Vatican Masteroiece is on the show when we are talking about it, as are images of anything else my guests are mentioning, including many photos they have taken. You can WATCH my podcasts, they have documentary style illustrations, photos and even video occasionally, going on the screen while we are chatting about what is being shown. Thanks!

  5. Bonnie I

    Thanks Duke and Rich for an excellant show! Have suspected for a long time that the Vatican probably knew about the existence of Sasquatch. However, I didn’t realize the diabolical level of their involvement until now.

  6. Kim S

    Absolutely fantastic episode!!!! Thank you Rich and Duke, very, very informative!
    I’m what the military would call a “remote viewer”, by the way every one has this ability if they choose to use it of course.
    I not long had an encounter down under recently….I remote viewed the subject at hand, and BF has actually ear shine as well ,but not visible to the physical eye.( I don’t think certain agencies in our governments want people to know this)
    Don’t be to quick to disregard this, keep an open mind…it will eventually come out in the wash.
    Keep up the excellent work!

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