Sep 28

The Wendigo: The North American Nightmare

Regular Bigfoots are frightening. But the “Wendigo” or “Genoskwa” is one of the most terrifying types of Bigfoot you can run into. Along with the “Gugwes” and the “Dogman” I think they are prime suspects for the strange missing person cases in America. This video will take a closer look at these carnivores.

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  1. Lewis S

    More truth than not. All bigfoot types eat meat those like the patterson one do on occasion tke humans. Non are to be trusted, the bigger ones are completely lethal. Legends walk and Man must have care in the world. Shampe, Wendigo, Gugwe and Genoska are real. Wnedigo of the spiritual nature are as the Nalusa Falaya of Choctaw lore. Big bore handguns as well as a “Dman God” rifle. Infra sound can have debilitating effect on ones shooting. A famed hunter named Bell from England was able to handle infra sound and kill big game with a 7×57 rifle. Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Hippos, Lion and 200+ elephants. If you can’t handle infra sound you’re screwed. I’ve seen men in groups all armed break and run from one bigfoot. Know yourself as well as your enemy.

  2. angela c

    AR 10 in 308 or one of the M14 type rifles with 180gr Ballistic bullets would work as well. Don’t use FMJs, they can pass through with little damage. And high capacity magazines are a given. I usually pack a 454 casull ruger super red hawk ever since I found out these things are out there. Be safe and shoot straight everyone….

  3. Lewis S

    454 casull is more hog leg than some folks can handle. 9 rounds and my hand goes numb. 357 ruger or bigger. Yes 308 is fine if you have the self control to aim properly. Too often we hear how they are bullet proof, if you blaze away and miss anything is bullet proof. I use bolt or lever action. 45-70 is sweet.

  4. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I have never heard of a Bigfoot coating itself in tree sap, and rolling around in rocks in order to protect itself from arrows and/or bullets. I find that so interesting! It implies a very high intelligence in their understanding of both arrows and guns, and conceiving of a way to protect themselves. I’m not totally surprised, as I’ve always felt they possess extraordinary intelligence and abilities-far more so that we can appreciate or understand.

  5. Lewis S

    I used to live and trap where this guy likes to search for big fellas. I rather hope he takes precautions, folks go missing around there. BFRO didn’t look around there even when they made a visit to the Tule res. too risky for MM.

  6. Karen C

    Very Interesting, I like how you break it all down gives you a lot to think about. Like the gun talk everyone, I’am proud to be with fans that are so well versed in Protection!

    • Lewis S

      Being competent to face them and aim properly is vital. I was cold as ice when I faced enemy soldiers in the Army, because as a kid I stood and faced a pack of bigfoot. People ain’t that scary after that. Putting the bullets where they need to be keeps you alive. I survived them with out shooting as a kid because I knew running was dying, I held my ground with a.22 rifle. Not falling to the fear confused them and made them balk. They were taking folks who were alone and probably ran making them prey.

  7. Lewis S

    Well I survived trapping in the area that mattsquatch wants to research. He’s going under armed and with guys I don’t about their qualifications. Being able to hold your mud and stand against the fear generated. Many times people think bigfoot is bullet proof because they didn’t hit anything with panic fire. Right gun and the guts to face them. Carry a good pistol along with a good rifle, can’t be said enough.

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