Dec 5

World Bigfoot Radio: Khat Hansen Returns

Duke writes “Khat Hansen joins us again to tell us about her first encounter at age 5, and the decades since then – interacting with a Bigfoot clan. Includes the story of a fight to the finish amongst two of the clan members! Also includes the terrifying encounter her local clan had with a troop of savage Gugwe”




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    • Duke S

      This show always has video accompanying the conversation, There are multiple artistic impressions of the type 3/Gugwe/Face-eater type right where they are being talked about. The interview is only half the show at World Bigfoot Radio, I include video/pics from guests, artists impressions, and scenery shots from the areas being discussed. Check it out!

  1. Duke S

    Probably when I was walking through the upstairs. my roomies watching the TV upstairs is likely what you were hearing……you can hear the neighbors dog bark a couple times too, lol

  2. Rick C

    I wanna believe Khat, however I would like to see pix of her interacting with them. That would go a long way in proving they are not vicious toward humans.

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