Dec 5

Mountain Beast Mysteries: Ape Canyon

The YouTuber writes “Good evening folks! Today’s video is all about the APE CANYON INCIDENT from all the way back in 1924 when five men were apparently attacked in the night by multiple Sasquatch creatures. I also forgot to mention in the video that in the morning after the attack, Fred Beck claims to have shot down one of the creatures, stating that the body plummeted down into the canyon about 400 feet and was never seen again…”

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  1. Sid N

    The chinking most often used here in Appalachian cabins was moss and mud. No doubt since that cabin was built out of hand hewn logs, short and squat with little headroom, made from logs that men could notch and lift into place, it was a place to sleep and keep out of the elements during mining season. The gaps in between these types of cabins can be several inches wide. So little wonder that when the chinking was removed a Sasquatch could get its hand and arm between the logs. The details in this account just add to the credibility in my opinion.

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