Feb 25

Will is a guest tonight on Darkness Radio

Darkness Radio Call In Line – 651-989-5855. Will Jevning will be joining the show tonight at 10pm.



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  1. Robert V

    THE SHOW IS ON NOW. I live in Minneapolis where the show originates. Minneapolis is central time. The call numbers are 1130 AM, can get it on line.


    I typed this at 9:11 PM, central time, which is 10:11 eastern time (sorry not sure about the time zones west of me).


  2. Tyler D

    Amazing show as usually Will, n extremely informative. I didn’t know that the Russian government was thinking about weaponizing Sasquatch. That’s almost comical if you think about it, I just can’t see how something like that would work out

  3. joann m

    Will, that was a great interview as usual, very informative. I have to put in my 2 cents about the first caller though who claimed to see a bf riding the rails in dinkytown. In the middle of St. Paul, Minneapolis a squatch riding the rails? The guy has to get a job and get off drugs. Here is my 2 cents…Crap. Oh I guess that was 5 cents. Moving on, I just wanted to say to be careful, careful, careful about those burial mounds. Do not communicate with anybody about where you are going and when concerning that. I am not speaking from experience or that I know anything more than you do, I just feel that you are being watched and listened to. The feds will let that happen over your dead body.

  4. Jimmy

    Great show! Will is always a superb source of info. Loved hearing the audio of the screams. I do have a question, though, about .the scream played with a narrator. There was a Parabreakdown by Phil Polling that showed that clip to have been used in older films than the documentary that the clip was from.. Also, it was apparently studio-made. I would have thought that Will would’ve known this, but it seemed not. Any thoughts? All in all, time well spent listening to Will. 🙂

  5. Gary C

    Loved the interview, just search darkness radio on the stitcher app it’s in 3 parts

    I can’t wait to hear the 100 Bigfoot nights report if you go with them will, that will answer all our thoughts on last week’s interview

    Great work thanks

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