Feb 26

1977, Whitehall, New York: Police Officer Chases Bigfoot

Officer Delano Berube was running a radar speed trap along Ryder Road, about a mile south of Tub Mountain near Whitehall, New York.  It was early morning and there was not much traffic.  Officer Berube had his widow cracked as there was a light rain falling.

“That is when I first heard the screaming,” Berube, now retired told a table of Sasquatch Hunters at a recent convention, “Sounded like a wild animal and one of those ladies in the horror pictures.”

“I shut off the engine to get a better bead on the direction of the screams and was just about to radio it in, when the bushes a few feet in front of my cruiser shook like we were in a terrible winter storm, unnatural like.  Especially, since there was hardly a breeze that morning.”

Police-and-bigfoot“I turned on my headlights and that must have startled it.  Because out from the bush, stepping right on to the road, was an 8 foot hairy creature.  The life I lead flashed before my eyes when we two locked gazes.  It was pure evil, I could feel its chilly soul in that hungry gaze.”

“If you remember, I had switched off my cruiser, which I realized when the beast started toward me.  In a pure moment of training, I flipped on the overhead cherries and siren.  The Bigfoot stopped dead in the road.  It threw its hands up over its ears.   Then turned its left shoulder down, just like a running back would the moment of a hand off.”

“I knew it planned on ramming right into my cruiser, but its pause was just enough time for me to start the car and throw her into drive.  I peeled out.  Just was the creature was about to shoulder into my hood, I took evasive maneuver and the damn thing hit the side of the car instead.  Banged it up good.  Had to replace the door, in fact.”

“I half expected the car to flip, but it kept going.  The creature took chase, it was fast enough to stay about three car lengths behind me.  Grunting and growling the whole time.  It finally broke off when I crossed over Wood Creek.  Damned thing just stopped and screeched bloody murder.”

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  1. Bruce F

    I wonder what time of the year these things go into the rut or come out of it. Seems like this animal just didn’t care much about their normal behavior of staying out of sight. I could be all wrong but Mule Deer are usually shy and very spooky but during the rut the bucks almost are looking for a fight. Easiest time to hunt them. Anyway, just a thought.

  2. Sean C

    So really, the title should be “Bigfoot chases Police Officer!” That is a crazy story! With some people having such pleasant experiences, and others having such terrifying or even deadly experiences, kinda makes one wonder WTF, or is it just me? With the PICs and big Gov trying to keep this such a secret, it makes me wonder if maybe they are the ones responsible for the really bad experiences somehow, AND THEY KNOW IT. How is the DNA always contaminated with human DNA? Doh! Maybe it isn’t really contaminated! I’m not suggesting that I really know the truth, but historically, they have even lied to their own employees about these creatures, so I’m thinking that the truth must be really susbstantial. What really scares the hell out of me, is the fact that we are just scratching the surface, to the entire truth, and we’re going to lose a few more people along the way. Some that believe that they are really educated, will probably end up in padded rooms, once the veil lifts. Is it veil, or veal? Hey, I love veal, and that makes me feel bad. Other beings like it too, and that is really forking scary!!!!!!!

  3. Eddie M

    I think boogers that have been messed with are short tempered. We’re really no physical match and they don’t feel the need to put up with too much crap. This guy certainly didn’t.

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