Apr 27

Wild Man Startles People Of Kentucky

Interesting article from 1907 about a wild man in the woods of Kentucky.   The eye witness noted that the finger and toe nails of the creature were extremely long like talons.  Later, they reported finding human foot prints with claw marks in the river bank near where the creature had been seen. The one thing that makes me take pause about this encounter is the witness reported “a coon skin tied about its loins.” The one thing you will find with these older reports is that people were open to discuss what they saw. The witness in this report told his employer which in turn the employer formed a posse to go out and look for the creature. This could have been an escaped prisoner or lunatic as the article states but it is a strange encounter to say the least.


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  1. Kay S

    It sounds like the BF was hunting the dog. The witness was lucky he didn’t end up on the menu. The loin cloth and nails are a puzzle though, and no mention of size.
    Would a human’s body hair become thick if they were exposed to the elements for long enough?

  2. Christopher c

    I came across this old report about 2 yrs ago looking at old newspaper reports ,these old reports just goes to show Bigfoot has been around for a lot longer than the skeptics are willing to open their eyes to.

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