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Top 10 places to look for Sasquatch

Allday.com recently listed the top 10 places to find Bigfoot. The author writes “Serious Bigfoot hunters know that this zoological wonder lives in different parts of the United States, in different types of terrain and environments. That’s why you have to approach him differently based on where you find him. In California, you’ll probably want to ask for an autograph. In Texas, you need to make sure you’re packing heat.”

While I think in California you should skip the autograph and probably be packing heat like in Texas, what do you think of the list? Anyone else notice these are all national forest and state parks? Did your state make this list?

Here is the list:

Valles Caldera National Preserve, NM
The isolated wilderness of the Valles Caldera National Preserve is prime Bigfoot country. People hear screams and knocking sounds when traveling through the wilderness. Bigfoot hunters can take you on a tour through the wilderness to known Sasquatch locations. Bring your audio equipment, so you can record Bigfoot when you find him here.



North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA
Bigfoot is famous for living in North Cascades National Park, literally. “Harry and the Hendersons,” a movie about a Bigfoot living with an American family, was filmed around here and in several other Seattle-area locations. If you find Bigfoot during a family camping trip here, you should obviously strap him to the roof of your car and take him home to live with you.



Monongahela National Forest, WV
The caves and crannies around West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest give Bigfoot lots of places to hide. The state has a high concentration of Bigfoot sightings dating to the 1960s. If you find Bigfoot here, bring your flashlight. How else will you see him in the cave?



Lost Creek Wilderness, CO
Bigfoot sightings in the Colorado wilderness go back decades. This area is so active for Sasquatch, there are actual “Bigfoot crossing” signs posted. When you see Bigfoot here, slow down your vehicle. You don’t want to be the guy who ran over Bigfoot.



Redwoods State Park, CA
Bigfoot hunters say that the legend of the creature comes from the Redwood Forest. The towering trees, the tallest and oldest redwoods in the world, are the perfect place to hide a hulking Neolithic creature. He was first spotted near the forest in 1958. The famous Patterson-Gimlin video was filmed here as well. Bigfoot has become a tourist attraction for the forest. When you find Bigfoot here, pose for a selfie with him.



Huron National Forest, MI
Bigfoot has been seen a lot in Northern Michigan. Look for the creature around the Huron National Forest. The Michigan Bigfoot Information Center is based in Michigan. So if you find Bigfoot here, ask him as many questions as you can so you can report back to the Center.



Sam Houston National Forest, TX
Bigfoot sightings in Texas go back a long way. According to Texans, he’s been in the area since the Native Americans were using Texas as hunting grounds. You’ll find him in the Sam Houston National Forest, a large and densely-forested area where it’s possible for almost anything to hide. It’s legal to hunt Bigfoot in Texas. So if you find him here, you know what to do.



Uwharrie National Forest, NC
Photos and video of Bigfoot have been captured in the Uwharrie National Forest, though their authenticity has been questioned. Take a swim with Bigfoot in the famous forest waterfalls, but be warned. It’s been a while since he showered.



Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
Many areas of Tennessee are heavily forested, and that makes for perfect Bigfoot roaming grounds. Look for him in the gigantic Great Smoky Mountains national park. There are more than 600 miles of trails through the forests, so you may have to roam for awhile before you find Bigfoot. When you do, sit down with him for a while. Even Bigfoot needs to rest, especially after walking on tough mountain trails.



Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, OR
The co-host of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet has deemed the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness as one of the top 10 hot spots for sighting a Sasquatch. When you spot Bigfoot in the wilds of Oregon, get out your video camera. Maybe you’ll be the next Animal Planet star.





Credit: http://allday.com/post/3221-bigfoots-10-favorite-places-and-what-to-do-when-you-find-him-there

30 Responses to “Top 10 places to look for Sasquatch”

  1. LUCAS P

    I would add the Hoopa Indian Reservation in northern California, specifically “Bigfoot Alley” (see David Paulides’ book “The Hoopa Project”). Incidentally, in addition to his better known “Missing 411” series, Paulides has two superb books just about Bigfoot “The Hoopa Project” and “Tribal Bigfoot”. Neither has anything to do (directly anyway) with the “411” series.

  2. Paul M

    Who put this list together? Yes the spots have very good potential for squatch BUTT. Man it seems like ya need to add about 50 more places. Most states hold Good to VERY GOOD locations. Take in the time of year your looking. I’m from MN. And it’s definitely a Bigfoot zone in areas of this state. Wi. Mich. Ark. Louisiana. Ohio. Just to say a few… no need to drive to far for a hoot or a holler… A knock by a caller. .. save some time of travel. .. check out your local forests and parks. . You could well be surprised.. I think the numbers are a lot more then most people believe . Be diligent and keep a good attitude. .. Your closer then you know.

  3. Joni

    Thank You =) I don’t ever see myself going to these places after listening to all the encounters
    On your show. I would have a underwear changing moment,it would scare the crap out of me Seriously I CAN’T run like I used too so I would be bait ! =/ LOVE LISTENING TO YOUR SHOW

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