Jul 31

We Found This Strange Tooth On The Property

A listener writes “We live near the Huron National Forest in Michigan about a year and have had one sound encounter and definitely hearing different calls from our property. One was just a few days ago and the loudest my wife and I both heard together.

We have 11 acres and 2 border federal and other 2 is vacant woods also. We have had footprints in snow past winter even our non believer son said they were bipedal. They were also 2 left feet. They took pics we have. Also we are rock hunters as well and just found this unidentifiable to us tooth today. It is 4 inches and a tad looks like it was broke off tip. Pic is included.


We also have smelled something one night from up in our barn we live in after it yelled at us few minutes before. We don’t have great service so phone calls we plan usually so you know.

Thanks for your time.

P.s. our son has pics of the feet and they were small barefoot bipedal and about 5 inches long.”

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  1. Mak J

    Sorry but not a tooth. Its a shed antler from a young deer,a spike buck. Ive seen so many of them it is beyond obvious that is what you found. Think about how a tooth looks after its been knocked or pulled out, it would have a cavity hollowed out where the nerve was. A shed antler, 100%

    • Ron S

      Sorry Mark, I 100% disagree. This has no pedicle as coming from a shed horn, it has no knurling around or near the base, it’s not the right size or shape, it has cracks along the length and horns and or antler tines don’t come to knife-like sharp points like that unless broken…the chances of a spike buck breaking just the tip of it’s horn and also having this size and shape is one in a trillion. I’ve been an artist for over 45 years specializing in wildlife and realism in my painting, drawing and tattoo work(25 years professionally, and have won over 300 awards in national competitions). I’ve hunted and taken dozens of bucks of all sizes, I was into taxidermy for a short time and have done over 60 whitetail buck shoulder mounts, I’ve spent hours in the woods shed antler hunting and have even purchased some impressive ones found locally. I have a keen eye for detail, I know wildlife pretty well and I know a shed antler when I see one even better. If you think this is a shed horn I have a whole box of Werewolf toe bones I could sell you that I found behind the KFC 😁

    • Wes

      Mak that is what I thought too. I wish I could look at it than I could tell you what I think it is but your theory is the first thought that hit me too.

  2. Ron S

    Looks likely to be a broken leg bone from something. A tooth such as canine, incisors or eye teeth would have a root and look more like a banana shape overall or at least have a cone shaped root roughly as long as the exposed tooth would be from the gum. From my experience anyway…it still could be something unique or have a cool story to it though. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  3. Charles R

    The Huron National Forest has it going on. My one sighting happened close to it, St. Helen area of Roscommon opening day of deer season 1976. Other encounters after 2002 including hearing the Ohio Howl and bird miimics in the Sand Lake Region, and had a stone thrown at me and 3 nephews while camping out in that forest in July of 2011. Also a close friend who seen a big boy while bow hunting in 2000 in Iosco County and quit hunting on the spot, it scared him that bad. This past winter a motorcycle friend of mine retired from Ford and he and his wife built a home next to that forest on outskirts of Mio. He asked about why some folks up their have these 8 foot plywood cut outs of a Bigfoot in their yards. I laughed and told him why.

    Listener – neat find of that bone and sounds like you have some activity going on around you. Should you want to find out more contact a Mr. Phillip Shaw, I think he lives in West Branch. He is the go to guy in this region and has investigated several hundred cases and give lectures in that area from time to time. I attended one at the Lumberjack Monument on the Au Sable in 2019. Every April, sometimes May, West Branch has a discovery days weekend about Bigfoot with sine really good speakers.

    • Ron S

      Thanks for backing me up Bill. I’m beginning to wonder if misinformation is being injected into certain blogs to dumb people down and inhibit progress to understanding the unexplained.
      Some days I want to share knowledge and ideas with the public….Other days I feel like I should just realize the world may headed in the direction of the movie IDIOCRACY….it might be truly scary how many people in todays society would give an award to the movie within the IDIOCRACY movie called ASS💔💨
      WARNING: Only rational adults should watch this movie as entertainment…then immediately read something intelligent or enjoy nature afterwards.

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