Jul 31

No One Was Ever Buried in the Pyramid

Matrix Wisdom writes “When investigating the Great Pyramid, several rather odd facts become apparent. Firstly the location of this massive edifice is no accident. Secondly, whoever created it could easily claim to be the most incredible land surveyor the world has ever known. Thirdly, nobody was ever buried inside this pyramid.”

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    • Ron S

      I would agree with Ben. I haven’t studied the pyramids extensively but my overall skimmed info through the years plus common sense and gut instinct as of now suggests they were used like a generator or battery or both…most likely to power lights within its own construction at some point and then and then surrounding buildings and tombs. The interest by Tesla and construction of his tower experiment, the hyrogliph of what looks like a snake (filament) inside a long bulb suggests this. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to eventually learn the original top of the pyramids were metallic and when functioning way back then either glowed or sparked like a tesla coil and the electrical energy was transmitted either through the air (more likely IMO) or back through the earth. Now look at the back of your U.S. $1 note….I would say it’s an obvious nod to being a symbol of “power”. Am I the only one who thinks of this stuff? 😆

      • Ron S

        If I let my imagination run a little further it could bring us right back to the questions we have today. How did we get this technology and is it from or is it attracting another entity that is being witnessed or opening up a way through. At some point in history certain critical info of technology was lost, tucked away, or became forbidden for someones benefit or struggle for power…I’d bet on that.
        Thanks Wes, as if Sasquatch wasn’t enough of a rabbit hole. Now you got me playing on the course like Bill Murray in CaddyShack. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na. Lol

  1. Charles R

    Since the early 1990s I do not believe the Giza Pyramids were built for tombs, and were built far earlier, thanks to the works of Zecharia Sitchen and others. The 3 align with the belt of Orion as it would have been around 10,000 bc or somewhere in that timeframe. There are no hieroglyphics and the dynasty pharohs put hieroglyphics on everything they built. The modern dynasty pharohs were never able to emulate the sheer size of these pyramids again, instead they opted for much smaller step pyramids as did all civilizations around the globe. Thanks to the work of Dr. Robert Schoch in the 1990s, he determined that the Sphinx was built during or before when Egypt was in their wet period and not desert, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8000 years ago at earliest. This was due to the extreme rain weathering of the structure and the orginal face may have been weathered away, and the modern pharohs carved it into a much smaller head of a pharoh. Maybe in a few years, maybe longer, when the scope of Gobeki Teppe in Turkey is revealed, some answere will come forward.

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