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We decided to move

A listener from Jacksonville, NC writes “It happend January last year of 2017. I can’t remember exact day. But this is what happend. A friend of mine, my fiancee and me were coming home to grab a battery to go back to a cemetery we were doing evps at.

The place I was living at the time was a single wide mobile home. It was situated where the far end of the trailer was on a tree line. We pulled in and my front door which had been shut and locked was open. So my fiancee went inside to make sure nobody was in there he opened up my bathroom window which is the opposite side of trailer away from woods right in front of my driveway and told my friend and I that nobody was in there.

So her and I started walking to the front door. He went out the back door to grab something out of the vehicle. So as my friend and I were going into one side of trailer he was coming out. My front door had a big porch on it where my back door didn’t and was easier steps to get up so I was in front of her. There were 3 steps I was on 2nd step, her the grass still. We heard this loud russeling in the woods and big thumps so we stopped and stared at the wood line. I decided to step up on the deck at this point and she was on 3rd step when all of a sudden this thing came stomping out of the tree line. And I was on deck. It was eye level with me. I’m 5ft 4 in. My deck was 3ft off the ground. It was on 2 legs. Black hair over most of it’s body down to it’s feet which didn’t have hair. It’s hands did but not on the fingers. And some of it’s face didn’t have hair. Like I could see the eyes and nose and mouth clearly.

It had dark brown black eyes and nose shaped kinda like a human shape but pushed in more. And it’s teeth that I saw when it growled looked similar to ours but the canines were much bigger then ours. And it growled like if you were to try and take a bone away from a dog kind of growl but I felt it. I ran into house. I was so scared I slammed my friends leg into the door and was pushing the door shut on her leg while the other half of her was still stuck outside for maybe about 5 seconds. My fiancee said he heard us scream so he ran to back door which is when I let her in because he said what the hell liz. We told him what happend and what we saw but when he opened the front door and went out there to look around he didn’t see or hear anything. Unless it was daytime I didn’t ever go in and out that door again. And moved out in Feb of 2017. Which I hated those woods anyways. And I hated being in the back bedroom as well.

It always felt like something was watching me to the point I put up aluminum foil in the window. And there were weird trails back there and it looked like a homeless person was living back there to me because you would find weird stuff back in there.

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  1. Denise F

    Poor thing, that must have been an awful feeling to not feel secure at your home. I could picture exactly what the woods looked like 😶

  2. Renee S

    You did the smart thing by moving. Next time, it could’ve come in on you! NC seems to be crawling w/ BF’s these days (no pun intended).

  3. Kris T

    Smart, moving away as soon as possible. You mentioned the woods, and that you would find things left there? Can you please tell us what you saw? Do you mean items like tarps and shelters like you see on the streets of major cities where homeless folks sleep? Trash piles? Just curious.

    Also, you mention the door to the trailer was found opened. Was this the door on the porch? Are you thinking the critter opened the door? Was there any indication that it entered inside? Was any food missing? Items tossed around or misplaced inside? Mud or dirt trailed into the entrance? Bad smell?

    So glad you and your friends are unhurt.

    I spoke with a few folks who live either in mobile homes or on rural properties, and discussed perimeter defenses, alarms, tripwire/bells, and concentric strategies to assist the families in the gravest extremes. We came up with a list of very affordable, easy to place deterrents that require no batteries, no electricity just old fashioned cunning. Two of the fellas who consulted with me were in Viet Nam, and knew how to make extra nasssssty booby traps. Several of these, we situated and concealed and are monitoring. Worth the time to study and apply, if you ever find yourself in creeper territory again.

    FWIT, I hope you never need to.



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