Dec 1

Strange & Unsolved Disappearances From Oregon

Swamp Dweller writes “I have found myself sleepless for months since I started this series.

The sheer number of missing people cases seems to be never-ending. There are over 650,000 missing people cases from our state, national, and provincial parks across North America. Recently, I posted a poll on the channel asking which state you would like me to cover next in the series. You guys spoke and were heard loud and clear.

The forests of Oregon are thick and dense, but beautiful and serene. But these peaceful mountains seemingly hold a dark secret. Oregon is not only known for its alleged Bigfoot sightings but it’s incredibly high rate of missing people cases. Today I am covering 3 truly strange and unsolved missing people cases from Oregon’s state and national parks.”

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  1. pam purple rose

    As an Oregonian, I am telling you folks from eastern areas, this is a virtual ocean of trees and deep untouched land. To enter in alone, un knowing about the animal life in here or the people that burrow back into wilderness for nefarious reasons, is really dumb!
    When I first came here I did and !rarned hard lessons.

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