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WCNC: Hickory Man Says He Has Video Of Bigfoot

He shot video in McDowell County where several people reported seeing the creature over the years.

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  1. Leann G

    This clip is a snippet of what he has shared and he has said what he has shared is a only small amount of the footage he captured that day. The first still photo he shared from this was one of the few times I have thought ‘oh wow I see the outline and not a blob”. Also in this area black bear are hunted and run away immediately from humans. The terrain has creeks,waterfalls,thick forests ,mountains/foothills, rock quarries and rural areas.

  2. david b

    I live in Mitchell County, NC, a county that borders Mcdowell County. Bigfoot has been sighted many times in that area. What makes it credible to me is the fact that anyone claiming to see a bigfoot around here is labeled crazy or a hoaxter. I really feel for anyone around here that claims to have seen a booger. I am 49, been in the woods all my life and have never seen one, or the evidence of where one has been, but I certainly dont write it off as a hoax.

    • Leann G

      Hey David B,
      I live in Burke County and work in McDowell. I know what you mean by many people thinking it is crazy or nonsense to even be open to sasquatch being real but have you noticed that everyone around here has a Panther story no questions asked?

      • david b

        Lol, you are dead on with that one. Up here in the high country we have always had mountain lions, Ive heard them scream on many occasions. But bigfoot, I personally do not want anything to do with them. I have walked right into a pack of hounds with a bear bayed up at 10 feet, there is not a whole lot that I have not done, but I dont want anything to do with these creatures. I have been intrigued with these creatures since I was old enough to read, and I have heard the stories. But the more I learn the more I feel that there is something not “natural” about them. I love to hunt and fish, it is my release, and I really dont want that taken away from me. Thanks for the response!

      • LaVonne J

        David B and Leann G

        Hi! I’m in WNC also. Lots of things going on in our part of the world huh. I wish he’d post more of that video. Maybe that portion was the clearest shot though.

        • Leann G

          Hey LaVonne J !
          If you want to know more about the encounter : the person is an Admin member of the Facebook group: Catawba Valley Bigfoot Research. A North Carolina Adventure.”Believe”..His name is Doug Teague and you can find a few posts about it.

        • david b

          Hey Lavonne J, he may have even better photos or videos than that. I dont know him, but it seems like Leann G has her crap together when it comes to info. Just fyi, one if the last episodes of finding bigfoot was filmed less than a mile from my house. Matt Money….. claimed he heard one scream right off the Parkway. I know that there are many in Mcdowell county that are frequently doing field research down there. Like I said earlier I dont think I want anything to do with these things. Imho, there is something very strange going on with these creatures.

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