Jan 27

Watch: Possible Footage of Skunkape

While canoeing in a swamp outside of Tampa, Florida, the witness spotted something “walking” and diving in a gator infested area. He starting filming what he thought was a bear. The only problem is that Lettuce Lake Park is a 240-acre Hillsborough County-run park where bears tend to stay clear from.




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  1. Ryan m

    Hey wes, i was one of what i’m sure was many that sent you this clip. After i sent it to you i watched it about a hundred times. The way the body moves, and the joints function does not look human to me, but i still wasn’t sure. That’s when I saw it. While he is walking away, you can clearly see that there is a LIVE FISH in his left hand. It’s flopping around and everything. What looked like him drinking water with a cupped hand, may have been a technique that some fisherman use to draw cat fish to the surface, i believe they call it flogging. Essentially the idea is that the catfish are drawn to the noise.

    • Ryan m

      As i watch it further, it gets even better. When he slaps the water, he slaps it quickly and quickly withdraws his hand. At that point he is not holding the fish. He stands up and starts to walk away, and calmly reaches down and grabs the fish, which is wildly convulsing, and walks off with it.
      As chance would have it, i got back from a fishing trip to lake Okeechobee last week. We were fishing with guides for large mouth bass. When the fishing guides catch gar, or cat fish, or mud fish, they all carry a little club and ding it right on the top of their head.(they do it because “those nasty fish just steal bait”). When they hit it in the correct spot, the fish instantly starts convulsing exactly like the fish in this video. My guide said that when they start that type of convulsion, you know they are dead.

  2. Andrew O

    I already thought it was a compelling video considering the circumstances and where it was shot, but if that is a fish it’s carrying, then it could be a game changer.

    Good spot there, Ryan!

  3. Charles R

    Nice pick up RYAN. I have been discussing this with some others this afternoon. It was in an enhanced video which clearly showed something in its left hand moving and quickly and the bottom of his hits the water. Others have said snake but someone pointed out that snakes will curl up and this does not seem to be doing that. I myself thought it may be a water critter. Now your fish really makes a bunch of sense. When I found this last night and posted it here I thought it was cupping its hands and drinking, but instead it may be going after the fish and then smacking it like you say.

    • Charles R

      I looked more after Ryan pointed out the flogging method and can see exactly what he is. Then I showed my wife and son and wife also said she could see it getting a fish. Good size fish also that will make a fine meal for this skunk ape. It is so rare that a good film of one comes around and this is definitely one all things considered.

  4. Kim

    You know its an interesting video. I cant catch the fish sighting, but I was getting sea sick with all the movement. If nothing else please hold still when you have the camera in your hand, stay on the subject.

  5. Perry M

    It is hard to hold a camera still without a prop. It’s why there are all types of stances for stabilizing a rifle (and oneself) when shooting. Even harder in a boat. Harder, yet, when one’s nervous system is overwhelmed. Think “buck fever,” and a buck is not even likely to harm you, nor is it unexpected as are these encounters, typically. In addition, when one is seeing something very interesting, of possible threat, rare or unique, it is hard to take that “step back” to record. LOL

  6. craig b

    Just doesn’t look right to me. But that is my opinion.

    I see some strange darkness to the right of the figure about the 1:46-1:48 mark, doesn’t look right. Also, to me it looks likes a superimposed figure, starting at the 1:40 or 1:41 mark, and in the next few seconds, it looks like some leaves can be seen through the figure.

  7. Robert V

    I’ve come to the conclusion I’m horrible at knowing if a video is “Real” or not. What I want to mention if this is Real, the guy in the boat is very BRAVE. I would have paddled my ass out of there. I’m going to say this again, I love the subject of Sasquatch, but I’m certain I NEVER want to see one in the wild. If I do, I want to be a far distance, carrying a BAR, and/or in a very secure location. Just watching this video, fake or not, gives me the chills.


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