Feb 24

Watch: Mysterious Encounters: Mount St. Helens

Researchers investigate reported sightings of strange creatures somewhere in North America. They mount expeditions, interview witnesses, gather physical evidence and attempt re-enactments. They also perform high-tech surveillance using thermal and infrared cameras, motion activated cameras, balloons, pheromone traps, sonar, long range call blasters, tracking dogs, etc. so as to gather new evidence to either support or refute the eyewitness reports.


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  1. craig b

    It’s interesting to see the product that people like Matt Moneymaker (FB), Doug Hajicek (MonsterQuest) were producing years prior to their bigger, more well known shows that achieved much larger commercial success. I saw another episode of this show and it had Bobo, Cliff, etc. These cats have been at it a looooonnnng time.

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