Feb 24

Listen: Hunter Encounters White Bigfoot

The Crypto Crew Interview series – Hunter encounters white bigfoot – Steve interview.
This is our interview with Steve, This is a very credible witness.

6 Responses to “Listen: Hunter Encounters White Bigfoot”

  1. Alan H

    Interesting that he witnessed a vocalization. Very rare and what he heard was the woman screaming variety and not the hooting or whooping or others recorded but rarely seen. Be nice if someone gathered all the vocalizing witnesses to determine type.

  2. Tyler D

    I wonder if Mr.Black would know the average lifespan of these animals? N at what age they stop growing? It seems like they have just as long of a lifespan as we do, if not longer most likely because they probably don’t have the same illnesses we do

  3. Robert P

    When we finally have one and are able to study them I think there will be some surprises. Like how long they live and how long they can go between meals and things like that. Fascinating creatures.

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