Apr 14

Watch: Investigating Bigfoot | Killing Bigfoot

Editors Note: I have spoken to several witnesses as of late that are having issues on their property with aggressive creatures and do not know where to turn for help. Local law enforcement is unable to help these people and most of the people I have spoken too are very honest, sincere people just asking for help to make these creatures go away and stop harassing the land owners. I have spoken to Jim Lansdale and it is interesting to hear his experiences and people might be surprised to know he is not a blood thirsty hunter trying to blast every Sasquatch he comes across. Jim and his team are really trying to help people in rural settings who are having real issues with aggressive creatures. If the video does not play below click here.


The YouTuber writes “The G.C.B.R.O. are out to gather evidence that bigfoot may have left behind.”

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  1. Scott P

    Are you Effing kidding me ? Is this what’s were left with ?……. Hey, my momma says I need to marrie…. Ain’t no branches on Ma family tree but I’m full o seed. …. Lord help us if this is who is going to discovER the species. Just Leave them be if that’s the case. Actually, just let them live without us screwing them up like we always do. Just my opinion.

  2. Scott P

    I think the worst thing we can do is prove their existance. Imagine the amount of idiots out there trying to ” bag” one. That’s why the native Americans have been quiet so long.

  3. scott p

    Well hopefully for dem der peoples they got some skills as a group. Real skills or they may have a small issue with the logistics of it all. Hopefully they can run too although a few may have a problem with that one..
    How many of them were target shooting with shotguns?? T.V cracks me up…. How would they finish the episode when they all go missing at once?

  4. Bruce M

    Scott P. I take it you don’t own any type of fire arms, like the work of PETA, think the biggest problem in the world is people, and you live have lived in a city, or at best, suburb your entire life and a city park is the closest thing to wild that you have ever been in. As a southern man who owns firearms of all types, goes to Church and has worked in nuclear power, land surveying, and network engineering, I take offense at your poor gramer depiction of people who are not like yourself. Having an opinion is fine and sharing it is your right and I would fight to the death to protect your right to speak, but please don’t insult others who differ from you and your beliefs. I have seen the completed show some time ago and these are veterans and retired law enforcement officers who are trying to control large powerful wild animals and keep them from hurting people who are trying to make a living providing food for people like yourself. You do not agree with killing of these animals. Fine, but when you make fun of others who have a different opinion, you make yourself look petty and small.

    • Dave S

      You guys on killing Bigfoot are hilarious. You guys are just tagging into the coat tails of Finding Bigfoot, who never want to find Bigfoot because then they will ALL be out of a job!!!!! You retired law enforcement guys are out of job for other reasons than retirement I’m sure, and you don’t know how to spell grammar either!!!! You guys speaking and prove that you and your hillbilly relatives are morons. ALSO… Let’s take on the subject of killing a rogue Sasquatch or family group or hormone filled juvenile. If there’s a problem lion in Africa threatening a village the animal is eradicated, same w a grizzly. Polar bears sometimes are relocated. But before relocation was a viable option they were shot, that’s it!!!!! Sasquatches have been extrerminated by governmental groups for a long time now. There are many reports of this!!! Hillbillys pretending to hunt sasquatches, LMAO it’s all about the money!!!!!! Go back to runnin shine,

  5. Bruce M

    Also Scott P. Have you ever shot a shotgun? If so, have you ever shot 3 inch magnum slugs from one? A little target practice may surprise you, and it helps to get use to the kick before it is a split second desision.

  6. Mckenzie E

    There’s all these people that scream lets protect an animal that we don’t know much about. We do know that they harass and attack people. So why would anyone want to protect these things that are allegedly abducting children and eating them. If a bear was harassing or threatening people it would be relocated or killed. What makes these things any different? I say kill them if they harass or are act threatening toward people. After reading some of the missing 411 books I don’t have much respect for these things.

  7. Milton L

    Near the beginning of the clip, John Kirk said that the police, law enforcement and conservation wouldn’t take “kindly” to people hunting bigfoot.
    Oh really? Do tell me – since when do we have to check and see what public servants like or don’t like? Last time I checked, this country was governed by laws, and not by the personal preferences of any individual, whatever their position.
    Although I do not personally like the idea of killing one of these creatures, the situation there may be dangerous enough to warrant such measures, and I cannot fault those who defend themselves.

  8. Elmer Fudd

    Scott P you are entitled to your opinion and I actually agree with you with it being a bad idea on proving their existence. I think for the most part that the people always crying for proof are those that have not had an encounter – the “proof” they actually want is to prove for themselves. I wonder though if you would just stand there if one of these things decided to have you for lunch, or one of your children if you have any, if there was armed hunters around you? Would you be asking for assistance from them? Like others have said, its very easy to sit in front of your computer and be judgmental on other people when its not your butt on the line.

  9. Alan W

    I am a big game hunter and shooter specializing in hand loading. I am concerned for my brothers and sisters choices about arms and ammunition reported here to be used against big foot. First of all, no semi auto side arm is good protection from a heavy bodied beast of 600 pounds plus.If all you have is an auto ‘city popper’ pistol, you must use full metal jacket loads and place your shots into vitals to have any chance to stop a beast of this weight and muscle structure. (myself) I use a .44 magnum for protection in the woods with hard cast bullets and maximum H 110 powder charge. For rifle, I recommend military armor piercing or at least full metal or jacket steel core .223 , .308 , 30.06. Bigger magnums are preferred with a Smith and Wesson 500 backup for a handgun. 338 mag. rifle and up is recommended. Shotguns really are not so good.! I feel lightly armed with a shotgun against a beast of this size . Hollow points from auto pistols and shotgun pellets wound the creature, and that is not good.

  10. jamie smith

    These guys have no idea !!!
    Walking around like that , making all that noise then they expect to shoot one , what they haven’t considered is that they are probably being watched setting up their trail camera’s and that’s why they don’t get pictures. I have found that trail camera’s are only good for keeping them away !!!

  11. Pierre M

    Dumb rednecks. LoL. Were going to hunt for sasquatch lol. Rednecks will come up with any reason to tromp thru the woods with there guns lmao. When a sasquatch rips there heads off I guess they will leave them alone lol. Theyre messin with something that is far more superior in the forest than they are. This show makes finding bigfoot not so bad after all. LoL

  12. Charles M

    Hey Pierre, are you brain dead. A redneck will never, ever be killed by a booger. As soon as they can walk they’re taught how to use a gun and knife. By the time a redneck is 10 years old he or she is a master in woodland survival. If you or your family ever get lost in the woods, hope and pray its a redneck they send to find you, if not it will probably be your body being hauled out.

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