Sep 7

Watch: Giant Chimp Human-Sized

Video shows a giant chimpanzee – thought to be a member of a newly discovered species. This is likely the only video made of this species. The chimpanzee is the height of a human being.

Comparison of Giant Chimpanzee and common chimpanzee. At the beginning of the video, Kermit is the one on the left. Daryl, the smaller lighter faced chimp who is the one swinging, is a common chimpanzee. Kermit may be a giant chimpanzee. His appearance differs from most other chimpanzees. Not only is he larger, but his face is somewhat darker. He has a greyish beard.

10 Responses to “Watch: Giant Chimp Human-Sized”

  1. Scott P

    Man !!!!! It’s both scary, and sad to see them like that. You can see the power they have, which is the scary part. Just imagine an adult male Sas…… No glass thick enough for me sir. ????

  2. HubietheSaint

    I wonder if Melba Ketchum thinks these are human. Imagine this 3x bigger living in our wilderness. Wood ape are stronger and more smart and maybe less aggressive because there would be a hell of a lot more casualties if I am wrong. Not saying that when pissed a wood ape would tear up everything around them. I still don’t like to see animals caged its gotta suck for them

  3. Travis L

    It’s funny that the mountain gorillas are still considered to be a “recent” find and now there is a species of chimp that is 6 ft tall when standing on two feet that is the “most recent” find. Why is it that the biologists, primatologist, and zoologist think that every other country on earth still has undocumented species of animals that are worth looking for, but the U.S. doesn’t? Are they bored with looking for things here? It just blows my mind that they truly believe that there is nothing left to look for here in the U.S.

  4. Kay S

    Travis, they don’t mind admitting to new species in other countries, because there they won’t lose billions in lost forestry and other related income. It’s all down to the dollars I’m afraid.

  5. Danny T

    Isn’t this the Bili Ape which was officially discovered by Shelly Williams around 2003?

    Yet another giant ape told to exist by the natives for hundreds of years but disbelieved until “science” said it was so.

  6. Tyler D

    I watched this little documentary on apes and the possibility of sasquatch being out there and what not. There was a new species of Macaque that was discovered semi recently, and they were classified as a species through video evidence and only video evidence. I don’t know about you guys but that really frustrated me. And the guy started going into detail about why this new species of Macaque can be classified as a legitimate animal after only one video recording them and sasquatch after countless videos, countless pictures, countless cast, hair samples and etc is still after all this time is still considered an urban legend by the general public. And what he basically broke it down to is that our government would never see a small, basically non aggressive species of Macaque as a threat as apose to a 7-12 foot 500 to well over a metric ton, heavily muscled ape basically in our backyard as a definite physical and mental threat and might possibly stir up controversy and probably panic

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