Jul 16

Visiting another property

I will be out today taking a look at another property here in Washington State. The people have had a lot of activity on their property and I have been invited out. I am working on getting my gopro camera fixed so when I go out to these properties I can bring you guys back something.

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  1. Gabriel H

    I think parabolics are where it’s at man. In all likelihood that seems to be the best opportunity for obtaining evidence. Anything beyond that is a bonus but when it comes to the woods hearing is believing because it’s a world of AvOiDaNcE. And with a parabolic you can hear much more than you can see. Even with a thermal. 99% of the time a sasquatch will see you before you see it, giving it time to take appropriate action. But with a parabolic, you can know they’re there, while remaining out of even their eyesight.

    Enjoy your day

  2. Jay Acks

    Hey Wes when you going to come over to the east coast Im not to far from WhiteHall and have a good idea where we can find a Giganto they come through this area in the end of November we can do a proper investigation.

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