Jul 16

SC EP:126 The Canyon Encounter

The show will be up shortly in the podcast section for members.

Chris Connelly writes “Once I believed I knew all there was to know about the creatures who roamed the Pacific Northwest forests. After spending long stretches of time alone out in the timber, a few strange experiences started eroding that conviction. This story is about some of those events leading up to a solo hunting trip out in an Oregon wilderness area. My know-it-all perception shattered then after a mysterious encounter with an unknown creature deep in a canyon. The experience changed me forever. ”

I will also be speaking to Alex who is from the East Coast, he had a really strange encounter of a creature walking out of his barn. He said that he also thought that it was a paranormal event. Alex says “I did not really know a lot about Bigfoot and assumed it was a Pacific NW thing….it wasn’t until years later that I realized that I probably saw a Sasquatch”


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