Jan 12

Upcoming Show: Wednesday Night

I have returned from the mountain. I will be speaking to two guests my first guest had an encounter in Ohio. Bob writes ” I was out hiking with my dog and I came across this cave. As I started to enter the cave I walked into a wall of smell. It was a terrible smell, it was a cross between rotten garbage…I have a hard time describing the smell. I have been in the woods my whole life and I have never smelled anything close to this smell. My dog began whimpering and I had an overwhelming feeling of being watched. So I decided to back out of the situation. I heard a huge rock fly threw the air as it was being thrown in my direction. Whatever this thing was it was pacing me back to my truck. I could hear it break branches and walk like a man, following me all of the way back out of the park and to my truck”

I will also be speaking to Geanna who writes “I had never heard of your show until tonight.  A young man I met in a game turned me onto your show.  He had me listen to the episode 181 I think it was. Then later I decided to youtube your show and just listened to eps 151.   I can relate to the fear tho man feels.  My story is different and in an entire different time.  It was around the year 1967-68  I was a small girl of 7-8 years old.  My brother and I were in our woods in a slough playing with tadpoles.  Not only did we see what we referred to as our Mo-Mo the monster at the time but he was within a few feet of me and was actually standing inches behind my brother.  I do not know if we were making so much noise splashing in the water that we did not hear it approach but we didn’t.  This is not the brown ones you hear about.  This creature was white.

Long hair, arms that hung way down low.  I looked up and saw it standing over my brother as if he was getting ready to grab him.  I froze for a second or two then screamed at my brother.  My brother turned around and we screamed. The creature may a high pitch scream. Then we ran…we ran so fast back to our house 1/4 mile.  my older 3 brothers ran back into the woods where we encountered this but they saw nothing.  This was the most terrorizing thing I have ever experienced.   This took place in Illinois in the county of Calhoun along the river.  In those years you really didn’t hear of a sasquatch…we termed it Mo-Mo.   Our family never told people about this in fear people would think we were crazy.  We just didnt speak about it because we just had no idea back then what it could have possibly been. I really don’t think I would want to be on your show but I did want to share my experience.  Thank you for the shows.  I think I will enjoy listening to the rest of your shows.”

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  1. David D

    Thanks Wes, this also should be a great show. Glad you and woody, made it back from “the mountain”, all in one piece. I spoke to an old H.S. buddy the other day, who has retired in Washington state. He lives up in the Chehalis area, and I’ve told him about your program. He’s interested. He does a lot of really beautiful camera work (stills), and man, do I wish you could speak with him. Not for any type of encounter, but to try and convince him that he needs to be very cautious, when he ventures out! Some of his stuff, is obviously way off the beaten path, plus, he has suffered a terrible disability, so he really can’t run or anything like that. Not that it would be of any use, legs that is, if one of these beings’ were after you. I’m not sure what the conceal carry laws, or open carry, for that matter, are like in Washington, but he has always been a shooter, so he wouldn’t go down without a fight if he had anything to say about it. Well, take care; nice P.M. vids, by the way. David.

  2. Jane M

    Thanks for being brave enough to share! We know the big brother/man does not want our numbers of enlightenment to accumulate….. But at this point, depending on Wes’ members following and learning through people who are willing to share encounters….. It’s only a matter of time and a vast swinging of opinion…..to be able to believe folks who actually know from credible experience and are able to out number the “do what your told” peeps!

  3. Kenneth M

    The guy with the dog and the cave should head back with an investigator and see if there is some evidence in the Cave (Hair, toenails, bones with teeth marks, Sasquatch Porn magazines, etc.)

  4. Seamus J. C

    I am from Illinois. Calhoun County is one of the few places in this state where one could reasonably live off the land, in a hunting-gathering fashion, or so I understand. Somewhere I have a booklet about how to do that there, written by a Native American resident of that county (the sister of an acquaintance of mine). It is where the Illinois River runs parallel to the Mississippi for a bit before they join together; Calhoun County is this strip of land between the rivers. There is plenty of farmland in the valleys there, but it’s hilly like Missouri and the ridges are well wooded. I’ll bet you can get yourself scads of morell mushrooms over there. The area is flanked by Perre Marquette State Park is on the east bank of the Illinois River, which is surrounded by more wooded areas; and Cuivre Island Conservation Area on the west bank of the Mississippi. In the Mississippi itself are a lot of wooded islands, if a sasquatch wanted to take a breather (or stay a while) as it swam its way from Missouri to Illinois, or vice-versa. A BF could swim the river and, after crossing the farmland in the Miss. river bottom, be in wooded corridors that reach all the way across that state. Or he could follow the woods along the rivers to the north and the south. Not only that, but the southwestern part of Illinois along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers has karst topography (limestone bedrock with sinkholes and hundreds of caves). In short, this, for sasquatch territory, seems to be as good as Illinois gets.

    In the BFRO report, it states that the creature was only 6 feet tall, but white, which suggests to me that it was not grey with age but a white bigfoot from birth–if it was old, I would expect it to be taller (but who knows?). Jesus, how does a white sasquatch stay off radar? Well, I guess this one didn’t, but only because it came so close to the guest and her brother.

  5. David D

    Pretty good commentaries on all of this. Hey Seamus, if you wanted to, you could ask Yeshua (Jesus), and He would most probably give you some wonderful insight! Pretty cool Huh? I ask Him everyday about ton’s of things, creating the universe (single spoken sentence), why He fought His way to an awful death, (payment for the sins’ of man), and of course, how in the world, does He love and forgive someone like myself! Yea, it’s like that; not only my Saviour, but also my closest Friend, and Almighty God in-the-flesh! So, maybe that will give you a little perspective. Some religion-ists’, would get angry at you for blaspheming (Using God’s name as a curse word), me, though it’s annoying and obviously wrong, in a sick sort of way I understand it, because I too, used to be a blasphemer, and many other things. Did you ever notice, that when people use the Name of the Lord in vain, it’s always, without question, the Name of the Living God, as opposed to, say buddha, vishnu, allah, etc.? No body ever says’, “Oh $hit buddha, or -amn allah! Yeshua (Jesus), said that blasphemy against the Son of Man, can and will be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit, will not. Here endeth the lesson. David.

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