Jan 12

I could hear two distinctive crunches, like it was a person walking

Hey Wes, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the program. I listen to it all the time. I’m an EMT in Virginia, in our region our hospital is the biggest in this side of the state, so we spend a lot of time on the road, sometimes our whole 14 hour shift just driving back and forth to places 2 and 3 hours away to smaller hospitals to bring patient’s back to our hospital, so the show is a really good way to hold our attention and make the miles go by faster when we don’t have a patient on board. The recent podcast with the ambulance just gave me chills, I can’t imagine something like that happening.

There was a fairly recent sighting in Bedford, VA is only about 20 miles away from me. I was not that surprised when I heard it. My town is pretty big, but if you go 20 minutes outside of town, you are in the middle of nowhere. I had an encounter once with something. I was out hunting a wildlife refuge just north of my town. Its pretty steep rocky terrain. Its actually on the backside of a mountain range, so its all pretty steep uphill, with “hollers” in between.

I was 18-19 years old at the time, and I had went out alone, and I had just walked up a holler, and you can see all the way up to the top of the ridge line because the leaves were not on the trees. Well, I sat against a tree for a while, and then I started hearing something over the next ridge line. It didn’t sound like a deer, and it didn’t sound like a bear, because I could hear two distinctive crunches, like it was a person walking. I shouted out, and I never got a response. So its getting closer and closer to me, but I still can’t see it because its above the ridge line. Well I got fairly unnerved because I called out several times, and it didn’t respond back to me. If it was a hunter I was sure I would have gotten some sort of response back. I started to walk back down the “holler” to my truck, and it followed me along the ridge line above me the whole time. I even heard sticks and twigs breaking from trees.

I had a 50 caliber muzzleloader, that was loaded pretty stout, because it was bear and dear season overlapping, so I loaded heavy, but that is only one shot. I heard it all the way back to my truck. The way the ridge flattens out, I was expecting to see something at any moment when I was back at my truck, but I never did. I was pretty freaked out at that point, just because I had never had anything happen like that before. I was so freaked out I threw my rifle in the backseat of my truck, I didnt even bother unloading it, I just took the percussion cap off, I drove half a mile down the road before I even got out and put it in its case. I still don’t know what it was, but it sounded very large. I have no idea what it was, it very well could have been a bear, but it sounded very different from the ways bears move.   It’s never really stopped by from hunting, but it’s encouraged my to be more careful and always be armed and observant.

Thanks for the show, it’s always awesome and entertaining.

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  1. David D

    Great story, I always enjoy the ones’ from the Appalachian areas. Be safe my friend. maybe next time you’re out with the black powder rifle, pack along an auto-45. It’d help, plus they’re reeeaaal comforting to have with you. Mine cozies up in a nice shoulder rig under my arm. Dang thing weighs a ton, but hey, I keep it balanced. Always ready! David.

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