21 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: The First Nations Of Canada”

  1. Lisa B

    Wow, canโ€™t wait to hear this one Wes! I always thought the same thing. Those giants were different than the Sasquatch. It a fascinating subject!! Hope youโ€™re having a Happy Easter!

  2. Linda B

    Man! Can’t wait to hear this, Wes! Thanks for your hard work! My brother, the one in Missouri, at moms for Easter,, heard a growl last night about midnight, after leaving a few “cleaned fish remnants” between moms driveway and her pond. It came from behind a spruce tree there. He said it started to sound like an owl at first then went to a growl, he said it was kind if like a huff. Coyotes don’t do that. That was last night. Its all good in the neighborhood. Whoop whoop. Happy Easter!

    • m99

      “SCAWS” (Sasquatch Chronicles Addiction Withdrawal Syndrome) _it’s okay, we’re all collectively feeling the same thing. We’ve begun to morph (Borg).

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