Jan 10

Upcoming Show: Retired California State Police Officer

Spoke to a retired police officer and he is willing to share an encounter he had in the 1950’s. He said “We saw this thing from the truck and started following it. It was tall and hairy and running on tow legs. We followed it for quite some time. The creatures expression changed once it realized we were following it. It is something I will never forget. It looked like a man but it was not a man. There is more to the story and I would be happy to come on and share it.

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  1. theresa m

    I am always interested to listen to anyone’s story. You vet them for us and we enjoy your hard work. To listen to a police officer or a state trooper, who are out on the roads all the time and see so much that never gets shared, this is going to be quite enjoyable. Thanks, Wes!

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