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Tonight’s Show: Sasquatch In The Tunnel

Ken writes “it was around 1999/2000 and some friends and I decided to go for a “cruise” into the back woods. There is an area locally known as freedom falls, a waterfall that is located in Rockland, PA. This is an area that also holds several old iron furnaces (built in 1832) that are in the area located near the falls. This are is probably 1/2 a mile from the falls to the shores of the allegheny river. Along our river, runs the old train tracks. They have been slowly turned into a bike trails for the area bicyclists. As with any train track trail, this area close to the falls has a tunnel that the trains used to travel through.

Now at this time (99-00) the trail was not finished but the tracks and railroad ties had been excavated. This made a fun area to do a little 4×4/off road driving. We were in my buddies jeep and he mentioned that we should go through the tunnel. As a very stupid teenager, i also agreed that this would be pretty cool.
The tunnel, known as the Rockland-Woodhill tunnel is a little over a half of a mile long and makes a very sharp bend. If you are in the middle, you can’t see either end from there.

Well, being the dumbasses we were, we decided to take the drive through. Now we have walked this tunnel during the day. There has always been a very odd feeling hear and the things we have seen aren’t what I would call naturally occurring. During our ventures before, we had noticed that logs, roughly 6-8 inches in diameter & 10-25 feet long had been pulled into the tunnel. Some of them were lying flat, but some were leaned up against the tunnel walls. Possibly, a human could have done this, but he would have had to be a competitive weigh lifter in order to move these. Also, there weren’t old and rotted. They looked as if they were almost snapped off, with no visible cut marks from a saw or hatchet.

As we ventured into the tunnel, we had to take our time, because the water had washed some of the loose soil away making some pretty big ruts in the tunnel floor. we drove on, taking our time. we got a little over half of the way through when we saw what looked to be a huge rock along the side. There was no movement from it, so we just figured it was a rock. As we got closer, we started to see the appearance of hair on the object. Now this are is known to have a lot of black bears and they have been described sometimes as having a brownish hue to them. This thing was a very brown (no back) and seemed kind of slender for a bear.

wanting to get a closer look, we kept pushing forward towards it. The object sat still, with no movement down along the side of the tunnel. Now the area we are driving on sits approx 3-3.5 feet higher in the middle than on the sides, near the walls. This made it a bit harder to see anything, since the area where we drove was casting a slight shadow onto the sides.

As we approached, probably 10-12 feet away from the thing, it suddenly stood up. Now this “thing” was at least 9 feet tall. We didn’t see a face at first, because it rose looking away from up. We were literally shitting out pants at this point!!!!! Then, it turned and looked straight at us, showing its teeth. this thing was pissed off! As we stared it into it’s eyes, we saw it take a deep breath and forcefully let our a growl/groan/yell. it was like nothing I had ever heard before and I have spent a lot of time in the woods. This was a whole new sound to me. As we stared on in utter disbelief that this was freaking happening to us, my buddy slammed the jeep into reverse and quickly but carefully backed that thing up as fast as possible.

I kept staring on. I just has to see what it was going to do. Was it gonna come after us? Luckily, No. The creature (since at this point we had full faith that it was a big foot) threw something to the ground and ran. I don’t know if it was really a run, but more so a leap. as I watched, this thing was gone, into the darkness with 2-3 steps, that you could hear it taking even inside the jeep.

After all this shit, we went home! Totally in amazement we really never said anything to each other or talked about it with others, with fear of being called crazy or “high” during the encounter. I can assure you that there was no alcohol or drugs involved this evening.




We will also be speaking to Dakota who is currently serving in the military and describes an encounter that happen off base with a friend of his. Dakota said “This thing circled us all night long.”

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