May 11

Upcoming Show: It Ran Past Me

Spoke to Brandon and he grew up in Georgia. Brandon talks about an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. This was not the last incident. Take a listen below:

6 Responses to “Upcoming Show: It Ran Past Me”

  1. Linda B

    Wow. This will be an awesome show! Why would that thing run so close to him? For me, its like I’m going to cut you some slack because you’re a kid but just so you know I’m not afraid of you or your gun, so there!, kind of thing. Thanks Wes! Thank you, too, Brandon!

  2. Jeremiah S

    I wonder if that grunting he heard was the way that Sasquatch laughed after being shot with that BB gun. You know kinda like a big dumb jock or some muscle bound meathead.

  3. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Cool, a young renegade heading out on his own, only to run into Bigfoot! The one thing that doesn’t make sense is his distance to the Bigfoot. Maybe Wes questions him in the interview. Anyway, Brandon says he looks up and from a distance of 100-125 yards sees a Bigfoot hiding behind a tree. That would require excellent eyesight, especially as its getting dark.Assuming he does see it,
    I doubt if a BB could travel that far. Oh well, small details. This sounds like it will be some encounter! Can’t wait!!

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