May 11

A Figure Standing Outside Our Bedroom

A listener writes “I have deliberated for quite a while on the idea of sending you this email but I feel like I could use your opinion on this subject. As the subject line says in this email…I have footprints here in Alabama….more specifically…outside of my house.

These footprints are no more than 15-20 feet away from my bedroom window. My wife and I had somewhat of an experience last summer that ,to be quite honest, scared the hell out of both of us.

Last summer my wife and I were outside the front of our house under the carport and she had just got home from work so it was around 6 p.m. in the evening. i met her outside and as usual we were just talking about our day and work and so on. I had finished up my yard work a little earlier and we were admiring the handywork.

My wife had stopped and bought us a bottle of whiskey (i’m sure you can appreciate that just like i do!) so we were just there outside having a drink and laughing with each other. Myself being a small man but having a laugh that can fill a banquet hall had said something to my wife that made us both laugh rather loudly and fully…..and that’s when the mood and feeling instantly changed.

As we were laughing out loud at the thing I had said we heard this noise “scream” or “yell” that i can’t even begin to describe. It was like from a couple hundred yards away we heard what I can only liken it to was a woman yelling at me in a mocking way…but with a lung capacity of a 55 gallon drum. it was somewhat high pitched but you could just tell that it was different.
When we heard this my wife and i stopped dead cold and looked at each other with the same “what the hell was that!!??” look in each other’s eyes. I’m a natural smart ass in some regards so I looked in the direction of the noise which was across the street behind our neighbors backyard and into the wood and yelled back “YEAH THAT WAS PRETTY DAMN FUNNY HUH!! thinking that it was someone making fun of us in some way.

I believe that was a mistake because almost immediately there came another sound but this time MUCH MUCH closer. It was as though that whatever made the noise had closed a couple hundred yards in just a matter of seconds and was directly across the street hiding in the darkness looking directly at us as by this time the night had closed in and a few porch lights were on by now.
The sound was a little quieter but still strong. It was like a short quip..kind of sound but I’m not sure how to describe it. At the sound of this, there was a fear that completely swept over me and as I looked at my wife I could plainly see that the same feeling had filled her as well! My dog was outside with us and he wasn’t making a sound..I looked down to see him cowering at my feet and looking at me as though to say ‘Time to go!”

My response was to take his advice! I looked at my wife and said “let’s get in the house” and as we started moving, lit only by our own small carport light, i tried to be the man.. to be the protector and show no fear, i had my wife in front of me moving towards the door and …..I intentionally turned my back to it in to say I’m not afraid of whatever this may be. WRONG IDEA!
When I turned my back to whatever it was , every nerve from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet were suddenly taken captive by the stare I felt on my back. it was as though the hair on my head was pulled sharply back and a “thought” came into my mind almost like a voice that wasn’t my own and said “you should NOT have done that”……buy this time I almost had to break myself free from this perceived hold on me that this thing had and almost ran into the house. I was nearly kicking my dog in the behind to get inside and pushing my wife in at the same time!

We made it inside and by now my wife was in tears of fear! We didn’t really say anything at this time as we both were hurriedly locking doors and cutting off lights and closing the blinds! When i say we ran into our bedroom and hid under the covers is a bit of an understatement as we were both nearly at full sprint!

As we lay there hiding under the covers wondering what the hell just happened I tried to calm my wife down who was still crying and afraid. I said “what the hell was that babe?” She had no intention of talking about it. she would only say “I don’t wanna talk about it”. Me on the other hand wanted to know what she heard…what she felt. I wanted an explanation of what we just experienced! We lay there for maybe 10-15 minutes both us going over what had just occurred silently to ourselves. We both passed out and didn’t wake up until morning.

Not long after this event we would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to see a figure standing outside our bedroom window looking through the blinds. All we would see was a dark shadow because our blinds stayed closed but it was certainly there. Just staring. Standing. Never making any noise, never doing anything except standing…but we would each watch as it would turn and walk away. This window that it was looking through is about 5’5″ inches off the ground and where this thing’s head would be is nearly 7 and a half feet up!

This happened for quite a while off and on until the middle of winter then it seemed to stop. We didn’t really notice anything more until we recently got a new puppy that we named River and he is half german shepherd and half golden retriever. I mention this to say that as with all new puppies you have to go out every few hours even in the middle of the night. My wife being the wonderful woman she is would get up in the night to take River out to do his business and would let me sleep. She started hearing things again across the street in the darkness….the same kind of yell. She doesn’t really go outside in the dark anymore and River is 6 months old so his bladder is a little more trained to wait till morning.

Now we come to the most recent of events. Just a couple weeks ago we were having some major rain periods and our back yard became a real swamp unfortunately. One morning it was raining hard and the boys wouldn’t go out in the rain to do their business so I put River in his crate and left Mac Daddy to his normal routine because he is 13 and can keep from making a mess.

I left for work but decided I would come home for lunch so I could take the boys out to do what they had to. When I got home I leashed River and we went outside…as we went around the back corner I noticed that my big mint plant had been stepped on…as we continued I saw that my wifes memorial rose bush had been stepped on as well…and that’s when I saw the foot print…clear as a bell….a bigass foot print!!! not 15 feet from our bedroom window!!!

I immediately took a picture and sent it to my wife just slightly under losing my nerve! it’s been a couple weeks and we haven’t noticed anything else but that footprint is still visible.”


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  1. Gail D

    Get trail cams & motion detector lights up high on your roof. Make sure no tall trees are near the house to jump from onto roof. This should die down the activity. Good Luck!

  2. m99

    OMG. What a problem they have. It is for the same reason they mentioned, I no longer wish to go into the woods to live, or to hike alone. I don’t carry a weapon, but do carry bear spray because we have black bear, as well as large cats (Cougar’s). But I go with my spouse who protects us. But, I wouldn’t want to hear that scream in the woods, or see a large shadow outside the window. From his description, it sounds like the Sasquatch had been watched for a while. Maybe Mr. Big didn’t like the fact they were having fun after she got home. A type of envy? Man that’s a wild encounter. Can’t wait for this one! Thanks Wes!

  3. richard r

    they dont like to be ignored is what im getting these things want attention. i hope no ones leaving food or anything out for them. maybe your neighbor is so it expects the same from everybody now. your damed if you do and damed if you dont.

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