May 8

Tonight’s Show: I Think They Killed My Dog

A listener writes “I’m from South Eastern Pennsylvania. Recently, there’s been a bunch of activity on my stepdad’s property in the mountains down here, and it’s been escalating more and more every day.

I’ve had several encounters over the past few years with things I just can’t explain. However, the last few encounters I’ve had have shaken me to the point where besides having a weapon I won’t go in the woods without another person.

I’ve only ever talked about my encounters with 2 people, and one of them listens to your channel and said I should tell you about them. I was really on the fence about it, until I had my latest encounter.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “Things have been escalating ever since the neighbor decided to cut most of his trees down. He is building up there clear cutting. We have always heard strange whoops and other noises over the years but they have become aggressive with the logging going on.”

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