Feb 5

Tonight’s Show: A Cross Between A Human And Gorilla

Spoke with Jason and he has agreed to come on the show. This encounter took place in the state of Minnesota, in 2002. Here is a preview:

Jason writes “I was in the bounty water canoe area near the trout lake area. We had canoes into a spot to camp for a few days and it was an area and campsite we had camped at before.

On the first night we were hearing chopping noises. It sounded like someone cutting a tree with an ax. It was fairly confusing cause it was pitch black (around 10:30pm), but also not unheard of. What was more peculiar to us (myself and my brothers) was that the chopping noise would happen in one spot than a ways away in another are the chopping sound would happen again.

We heard this in 4 different specific spots and it went on for a solid hour or more. We went to sleep and woke up the next day and fished and swam and just relaxed. We hadn’t seen any other groups of campers in the area we are at all day and the other two widely used sites on the lake were empty. Later that night after dark again while sitting around the fire we heard the chopping noise again. In the years we had gone up there we had never heard this before let alone two nights in a row. Than we heard a huge splash in the water kinda back behind us (we were camping on a small point on the lake).

We suspected like a beaver or something more normal. Than about a minute after that splash we heard something flying through the trees and landing with a thud near us. This happened 4 times and so we got up and looked and found a good sized rock (about the size of a softball) had been thrown at us some how. Not thinking this was a funny joke we got up and walked in the direction the rocks seemed to be thrown from. We were a bit on edge cause we were in the middle of no where and large rocks were be tossed at us a pretty good distance. We walked to the main shore line behind us near the splashing sound and we came face to face with a large Sasquatch. Our flash lights caught its eye glow first and it was a light red eye shine unlike any eye shine I had ever seen. And it’s eyes were about the size of a closed fist. It stood at the edge of this clearing about 35-45 yards from where we stood. It was tall on two feet and very dark. Since we only had flash lights I can’t really tell you the full texture of its hair but you could tell it was hair covered. As soon as our eyes met it let out a loud guttural deep sounding scream. It was the kinda of sound that just vibrates your whole body. And it turned and walked away. As it did it reached parallel to it body and snapped a tree about 3-4” thick like it was a twig. This was a live tree not dead and it would have to be crazy strength to snap it that way. And it moved through the brush quickly but not running. Much quicker than any of us could. When it got about 50-60 yards back it yelled again, but this time 4 others yelled back in 4 different spots around the lake.

That yell is still so haunting to me. I can tell you this thing was as real as you and me and after those yells the entire woods went silent like I have never heard silence before. And we were left alone the rest of the night. After a very scary and restless night we packed up and cut our trip short and left. I have not been back to the boundary waters since. Now I’m a hunters and fairly knowledgeable outdoorsman. And I have nothing that can explain what I say looking at me that night from the edge of the clearing. It was tall (I’d say 9’ tall) and very wide and thick. Mind you we did not have anything to measure so that could be not full accurate guess on the height. It was hair covered and walked on two feet. It had a sort of human face. But more like a gorilla. Not the same mind you but definitely like a cross between human and gorilla. And it’s face was the only part of its body not covered by hair. I’d say the encounter was only about 4-5 seconds so to say I had time to fully study it would be a lie. It all happened so quick. But I zero doubt on what I saw. And all three of us saw the same thing. My brothers don’t and won’t really talk about it. I am a bit more open about it. But man it’s still ingrained in my head so much.

I still do take part in hunting and camping, but I am a bit more weary now for sure. I don’t feel like anything we experienced was danger really more curiosity I guess. But I still prolly won’t go back to the boundary waters. We did report it but no one really believed us. So we have just really kept it to ourselves. There is a stigma with folks that have these claims.

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  1. Charles R

    Getting to watch as it snapped a 3 to 4 inch tree quite unique, and was this a show of strength as in do not follow, or an outburst of anger in being seen? This should be a good one.

  2. Linda B

    Isn’t that the first thing you’d do as a bunch of guys, go investigate to see what was throwing rocks? Most of us gals, but not all I suppose, would be packing up to leave without investigating. Doing the latter, you’d probably never see one As for me, I want to see one, but I don’t want to see one. 🙂 Lol. Thanks for telling us about your encounter, and thanks Wes, for always being there for everyone.

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