Feb 5

Strange Lights Near Clearwater, FL

A listener sent this to me. It is hard to tell what it is but I appreciate the fact that he tried to capture it. A listener writes “I sit out on my lanai almost every night. My way to decompress with a cigar, a drink and my dog. My view is west soutwest. My view is the flight path to TIA and Pie or MacDill, the the flights are almost always north to south.

So, pretty familiar with what’s up there.

1) compass bearing from my residence to lights in video.

2) video inside lanai. The three lights are static in the video. Middle one is the brightest then left n right in triangle form. A jet Flys by, it’s on flight aware. The other three lights are not.

3) outside the lanai, I used palm trees for reference. Still the lights did not move closer or further in any direction. Stars do not blink on and off. Plus there isn’t a constalasion pattern for that time of year of a triangle star group.
This happened on 02Sept22 at approximately 2330hrs. They were there about 15mins, then nothing.
These are the original videos, you or someone else can check the meta data, they were resized to send out but no other changes have been made.

Like I said, maybe nothing, but haven’t seen that before or since in the location.”





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