Dec 29

Upcoming Show: +100lbs boulder was thrown at us

A listener writes “I’m a newer listener, and have had two big foot encounters of my own. One in 2006 and the other in 2013. I reside in Parkdale, OR.

Your show has resparked old feelings towards the Squatch that I haven’t felt in a while. I’ve actually been on the show Finding Bigfoot before. The sighting in 2006, I heard whistling in the dark as I was night hiking. On our return, a +100lbs boulder was throw at us at an arms length out front, then something came crashing down through the trees towards us. No visual though. In 2013, I was trail running at night. I was prepping for ski season. It was about -5F.

I spotted eyes on the other side of the middle fork of the Hood River. I had about 10sec to look at the eyes. Couldn’t see a body yet. The eyes started approaching me into the frozen swift water. Deep water on my side of the bend, then up a very steep 15 ft pitch. As it got closer to me, I could see head, shoulders, arms. It was frightening. This is was the show Finding Bigfoot filmed. I don’t feel like the show really touched my story well. I’m always willing to share my stories. Thanks for reading this email!”

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  1. Dutch W

    Whoa , wait” Finding Bigfoot did not touch the story well”?
    Well I am surprised!
    The tactics they used were the perfect behavior’s to bring in a sasquatch.
    Sasquatch Chronicles is where your story gets the respect and consideration it deserves. I hope to hear you tell it in its entirety in your own words …….

  2. Amy H

    Damn, I think I remember his story on not-finding Bigfoot. Get him on! I’m in HR all spring and summer hiking and camping. I once saw a sign on a trail that said BF was in the area. I didn’t see one but I wouldn’t have been surprised to see one.

  3. Dovie D

    If you take Mt Hood railroad out of Hood River it stops in Parkdale. It’s a cute small town toward Mt Hood. I’m sure there are lots of Sasquatch in that area. I’m sure finding Bigfoot didn’t do his story justice. I would enjoy hearing about his encounters. ?

  4. Christen E

    ya, i have had a face to face after about a year after stating up a hog farm and for the build up to that i was doing the regular guessing game with them with all the bird calls and monkey sounds. i lived with the crazy stuff for about 5 years and i moved out of the nest. so much had happen to typ but i must say, YOU had somewhat of a moment that i dont know how i would have handled it.i even seen a couple here in Mn and i didnt hit the panic button. i think if someone shows fear the boss of the group will stock you untill your out of the wood and best hope your walking to your car and not the house. finding bigfoot is just a market that is for the dollar and for the producer of it has to follow in Hollywood footsteps and dont expose the truth but leave it open for fiction. i can now talk freely about what i know and what i believe the wild people played a roll in all apes also humans. one day i would like to tell my thinking of the biological makeup of them and its relationship of all man kind. in short, the mother jean for all humans and monkeys. just think what it will do to religions around the world, i think it will awaken the teaching of Jesus and God. he denounced religions for a reason, they like to control and if you dont think so look into everything you can about any religion and then you will see that God has no timple and is free.

  5. Karen H

    I also live in Parkdale. We moved here 5 years ago from Upstate NY. I literally cannot even begin to tell all that goes on here. My daughter lives in Nashville and she’s the one that told me about SC. So, I started listening about 6 months ago. She’s always encouraging me to tell of all that has happened here. Now SC is the last thing I listen to every single night. I’ve also come to realize that a number of things that happened on our farm in NY could very possibly, and probably have been Sasquatch activity. As for living here in Parkdale, we boarder Mount Hood National Forest and ,” OH MY GOODNESS”! At some point I will contact Wes. There’s just so much that has happened that it’s difficult to make the plunge and tell all. I’m sure most people go through certain stages before they finally can get it all together. I guess telling makes it real, when maybe you don’t want it to be. Also, it’s almost to a point where certain behaviors happen so often that it’s starting to be commonplace. Sounds crazy. It’s common and at the same time unreal.

  6. mark a

    I would like to hear this story, I lived on the west side Mt.Hood from the gas embargo to 1980, Growing up there in my teens we kids spent most of our time in the woods. we hiked completely around the mountain and all over the west side and fished many of the rivers and streams ,the high lakes also. worked at one of the many ski areas and skied at all the others. I did fish the East side of the mountain once or twice.while working for a logging company, setting chokers for the log skidders there were three of us, and we got our safety spiel blasted to us by our lead, a grisly older man that had missed opportunity to do anything else other than setting chokers. Anyway he was a no bull shit better listen up the first time he told you something, cause the face to face ass chewing with spit, halitosis, and the fear of his sz 13 corked Whites lifting your dumb ass of that deck of timber was all you needed to stay focused. During our brief safety enlightenment, when you had set your chokes and signaled the operator we were to hi-tail it to the edge of the clear cut boundary and stand at least 20′ in the forest to make sure we were not going to be smeared into paste. Now setting chokers is very demanding, hard, and dangerous work, and we rested each time we entered the wood line, when our lead seen that several of our skidders were returning back up the hillside and we were still in the tree line and not there to hook his skidders up. unbeknown to us we had earned our first reeducation class during the first hour of the day! this was a short math class on profit and if we were going to cause him any more loss he was going to kick all three of our asses all at once! (which no doubt on my end he was speaking gospel) What he said to us next has stayed with me since I was 17 years old, he said that this wood line is where we needed to be to safe from the huge timber up ending and rolling about as it is skidded down to the landing. But while we were standing there waiting to clear we needed to stay alert look out for each other so nothing else would happen to any of us, one of the guys asked him if there were any cougars or bears up here he said he had seen a few but not to worry about them once we started in the morning any cats or bears would be long gone. so as we took this in, I asked what else should we be looking out for? he said: There are large animals in these woods that may not hesitate at the opportunity to do you or your fellow man harm. of course I had to ask what kind of animals? Bigfoot’s! he said, now get your buts back to work! I was thinking this decibel abusing loudmouth was full of beer diluted goose shit! and as we collected our gear. I then seen him wipe tear from the corner of his eye. I thought about that all day, later in bed and the next day, I asked one operator about our lead man and that Bigfoot story he that on there other site they would have one of the crew stay at night to watch over equipment, and one morning the crew showed up to find him smashed under a large log no man could lift and very large footprints all about. then i knew he was telling us the truth. the operator then said, If you stupid shits live long enough you will see them too. i worked there i think two weeks and the crew was moving even farther site from where i lived so i quit, i never saw a big foot or a track but i believe they are out there.

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