Dec 29

Encounters on the property

A listener writes “Hey Wes been listening for a while now and I want to share an on going relationship I have on my property in South Carolina.

I live a couple miles from a river and from day one of moving in it has been none stop encounters with them. I moved from Connecticut to South Carolina in 2013 I wanted to be in the deep south and rural. My home I bought was empty for a couple years so it was over grown and in need of repair matter fact it was so in need of repair a large copperhead found its way into the closet must have found a good place to catch mice.

Well the first night my daughter, girlfriend and I spent the night we couldn’t sleep due to the snake, mice, palmetto bugs and a very large lizard that creeped up on me when I was just falling asleep. It was really warm so we went out side it was around 2 am. we were talking and relaxing when there came a whistle from about 20 feet away from us behind the pump house. It sounded like a flute and it was the same pitch and length each time. we just looked at each other and out of no where me and my girlfriend say to each other that’s a bigfoot.

Then we said why did we say that we had never talked about that subject ever. After it whistled a couple more times my daughter screamed and said she was calling the police. Now she is in her 30’s so we told her to be quite and just sit still act like we don’t hear it. well she jumped up and the creature jumped up from behind the pump house and started running down my property to the road and across the street into the swamp area. She called the police and they search the area said no one is walking the road he drove across my property and looked in the woods. Well that’s when I decided not to mention it to people the cop thought we were crazy. The next morning there was a large tree limb on the ground next to the pump house we found that odd.

After that at least once a week I had foot prints in the sandy drive way by the house I casted them took pictures. Some times at night I would here people vary faintly talking this would always be in the early hours of the morning, but I was never afraid. I did make a recording and post it to youtube called Low Country Bigfoot It was 2 bigfoots mimicking the dogs and the whoops kept moving around my property you have to listen with headset to really hear my grandson made a couple whoops so that can be ignored. In the morning I would find little sticks pushed in the large red ant mounds a couple of times there very tiny baby foot prints in the mounds as small as a 2 or 3 year old child.

There are so many different things that go on I had a 17 inch footprint in a ant mound and next to it the tree was bent all the way to ground not broke just curved down. Teepees in the woods 20 feet tall and the little stream would always have large limbs across it as if to catch the deer the limbs would always be in different places along the stream as if it was set up different every night. any ways that’s whats going on many other stories but I just wanted to give you the info I have never had any aggressive situations with them.”

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  1. Charles R

    I have this theory that Bigfoot’s when raising young will seek out an area to stay in long term that they feel safe with, and sometimes that will be right close to humans – as long as the humans do not mess with them. It happened with an internet friend of mine who was a guest on here two years ago and it seems to be going on at your homestead listener. Hope you become a guest on here, would really like to hear all that has happened.

  2. Mauri G

    Sounds very interesting, I live close to NC/SC line and about 6 weeks ago I heard something very similar at sunset that was making neighborhood dogs go crazy. I hope you will come on and share your encounters with Wes and the rest of us, thanks for posting your recording as well

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