Nov 14

Upcoming Guest: Sounded Like The Joker Laughing

I will be welcoming Scotty to the show and he describes this area in Iowa where strange events have taken place. Scotty said “I am not sure if it is Sasquatch related or not but its a remote location in the woods I use to go to find peace and clear my head. I have seen strange lights in the woods, odd dear kills and weird vocalizations. One night freaked me out it sounded like the Joker laughing and it was loud.” I played for Scotty the Umatilla sounds. He said it was really close to what he heard.




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Link to the Umatilla Sounds

5 Responses to “Upcoming Guest: Sounded Like The Joker Laughing”

  1. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes. I saw and heard this little clip a while back. Very spooky. This is when having a drone might with heat signature capabilities would be helpful. Looking forward to having you back, well mended and giving us the weekly hit we all need to keep putting one foot in front of the other these days. You’re the best!

    • Stephen C

      Heard excact same thing in north east Alabama back in early ninety’s. Me and a child hood friend and a cousin were hanging outside late one night when we started hearing a good distance away it seemed to be moving up the creek behind the house and ain’t going to lie we were up in the house too lol. We told a few people about and all they did was laugh it off and say it was a coyote, can’t convince me it was I hear coyotes nightly and never heard anything close to that

  2. Mark T

    I heard that exact sound 6 miles east of Woodland, Washington two years ago and even recorded it on my old cell phone, which became damaged so bad I was unable to recover the recording.

    It sounded like an extremely loud female coyote calling the males on for a good time (and then was going to eat them. It was very loud, very close, and cackled like a hyena at the end.

    The sound was very unnerving as I stood outside my trailer in the pitch black and my entire body was tngling from head to toes, until I decided I wasn’t safe outside and hurried indoors.

    A few days later a neighbor down the road were discussing bigfoot and Sasquatch and I asked if he’d ever heard anything else in the area, explaining what I had heard. He told me that he knew two young Mormon girls driving home from a Sunday church meeting who witnessed a 7 foot tall hair covered biped cross the road in front of their car. He said they described a creature walking on dog legs, with the head of wolf.

    “A dogman?” I exclaimed in disbelief. “In Washington State? Where?”

    Oh, about 50 yards down the road,” he explained, pointing down the road – about one-tenth mile from my trailer!

    Another woman I met told me that she and her husband witnessed the biggest black wolf she had ever seen cross Lewis River Road on the way to Mt. St. Helens and Cougar, Washington. She said it was on all gour legs, but that it’s back was as high as the hood of her 4×4 pickup truck!

    • Charles R

      Thanks for this information Mark T. Dang. Perhaps we are hearing the Dogman, at least this makes some sense for the crazy lound animalist and terrifying sounds folks are hearing.

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