Sep 8

Unlocking the Mystery of Loch Ness

ewer monsters are more beloved than the Loch Ness Monster, more affectionately called Nessie. Descriptions of the water creature range from everything to sea-serpents and giant fish to the more popular depiction of a Jurassic era beast with a long neck and flippers. But is there really something giant and mysterious swimming in the depths of the lake? And why do we care anyway ?

While reported sightings of a mysterious creature in Loch Ness go back hundreds of years, it received little global recognition until the 1930s. Historical records, newspapers articles, blockbuster films, and advanced scientific technologies all play a role in this story. Watch this episode to find out what theories have been disproven—and what questions are still unanswered. In a world of science and reason, does Nessie still offer us the possibilty of something extraordinary?

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