Sep 8

The Confessionals Podcast: Hell, Heaven and Back

Tony writes “In Episode 266: Hell, Heaven and Back we speak Jason and Amy who are married and went through and experience that most people can’t imagine, fathom, or even want to spend much time contemplating. Jason has congenital adrenal hyperplasia and almost died several times as a child from it. On December 9, 2016, Jason and his wife had some take out food that triggered his medical issues, and Jason ended up dying. He was dead for over 30 minutes and then miraculously came back to life! In those 30 plus minutes, Jason went to hell, heaven, and now he’s back to tell us all what he saw on the other side of this life!”

8 Responses to “The Confessionals Podcast: Hell, Heaven and Back”

  1. Sharon H

    That was a very interesting show. Thanks Tony and your guests, Jason and his wife. I hope Jason is successful in getting out his testimony to everyone who needs to hear it.

  2. Janetta V

    Dear Jason and Amy, what an intense story that is going to help so many come to Jesus. Yes I totally believe animals will be in heaven and know scriptures to back that belief. Jesus is life. I can’t even imagine heaven without them. I feel sorry for all of those who don’t want to get their ticket to heaven, it’s very sad. Thank you. Well done Tony.

  3. Bernadine F

    I love Jason’s story and feel He is the perfect witness to bring Jesus’s word and message to the world. And Tony a dog’s soul is just as important as any human soul. I am a lil surprised that you have never had a soul level relationship with one of your dogs or maybe you never had a Dog. I just had the privilege of helping raise my nieces dog and he has changed my life. Thank You for this interview.

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